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Cold Cloudy Foggy Tuesday

Good evening everyone. I hope that you all are doing great. I am doing all right. Chris stayed home today since he came home sick yesterday. I got up feeling like crap this morning  so I rescheduled my morning appointment until next Tuesday. The temps have been dropping all day long. Its now about 31 or so out..BRR!!! I hate the cold/winter!! HATE IT!!   Jesse and Sean got pictures on bookmarks from school. They got one lamenated page and 2 little sticker pages for $20!! Which is crazy in my mind. Leon walked his butt to Dollar General earlier and got me advil b/c my toothe ache was hurting way to much. It helped like I hoped but now its a slow steady pain coming back and its driving me crazy. Leon came home and cooked us hot sandwiches and chips and then went to bed and has been sleeping ever since 4:30 or so. Hes such a baby when he starts getting a cold...ugh men!! I got most of the cards that I wanted to get addressed done last night but didn't get them in the

Countdown to Christmas

Countdown to Christmas  

7 day Forecast


Happy Holidays everyone

Hey there everyone, I just wanted to say Happy Holidays. I hope that everyone has a great and safe holiday season.

Enjoying the day

Good afternoon everyone. I hope that you all are having a good day. Mine has been alright so far. Were in the mid 60's here again so thats a great thing. I hate the cold and winter!! We got to 69 yesterday and its about there again today!! WOOHOO! My son Chris got sick so hubby went to go get him, bless his heart. I hate it when kids get sick. Hopefully nothing serious just a tummy ache. Not to much else going on. I enjoy this site. Its easy and I love it so far. I enjoy posting and I enjoy being able to blog on here to. Its great. This might be my new fave site to hang on..I will always love myspace but this is a top one right now to. I hope that you all have a great week. Hugs The site I am talking about is Aimoo and my profile link is

Hubby doesn't think that your a good enough Housewife??!!

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Reba McEntire in concert

View all Lawton events at Eventful

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Very Stressful Early Evening

Monday, November 10, 2008 A very stressful early evening Category: Life Today was going alright, for the most part besides being tired and cranky as it was until 5 rolled around and no Jessica. She is staying after school for the after school reading and math program b/c she liked it last year and wanted to do it again this year so I said ok. It starts at 3:45 and last an hour and then the bus drops her off here in front of the house, usually a few minutes before 5 or at 5. Well 5 came and she wasn't here. I waited til a couple minutes after 5 and then started panicking! I called the school, no answer, I called the bus barn and no answer. So I kept calling them one then the other right after each other for about 5-10 minutes. Then Leon got dressed and left and went walking to the bus stop and then up to the school while Jared hopped on the bike and went up to the school. Long story short, shes home safe and sound THANK GOODNESS!!!! Thanks to Jared! I finally g

Cold and Rainy day

Monday, November 10, 2008   Cold and Rainy day Category: Life Good morning. Its freaking COLD here! I hate the cold and winter time. I wish it could be 50-70 all year long. I need to get started on calling the businesses that I was given and put in there emails and or websites if any give them to me, no luck so far..ugh! We get 50cents for each and I haven't gotten a one yet! I would rather blog! I don't like being told no thanks but only so many times til it gets old! But thats the job for now. We brought Bear's kittens in here and they are all cuddled up and sleeping. They were on my lap with Halo til Leon moved them. I woke up this morning to bleeding. Not sure what is going on yet again...this is driving me crazy! I have read that its ok to have a light period(s) while pg then I read that its not ok and ugh I dont know. I don't have money to go to the dr so I am thinking about the health department. Something is going on and I need and wan

Getting closer and closer to the holidays

Sunday, November 09, 2008 Getting closer and closer to the holidays Category: Life Good evening everyone. Not to much to say tonight. Been a pretty good day. Got some things done that needed to be done. Finished the articles and turned them in. Now I just need to concentrate on the calls tomorrow and the blogging for this upcoming week. I need the money for the kids Christmas. I am hoping that my other job that I got hired on as last week will come through with clients this week and that money will help. Have a great upcoming week everyone. Hugs

My weekend so far

Saturday, November 08, 2008 My weekend so far Category: Life Good early evening everyone. I hope that you all are having a great weekend so far. Mine is all right so far. I have some articles to write and a few of them by Monday morning at the latest and then blogs out the behind to do..woohoo I finally got paid today so I transferred it to my bank and hoping that it gets in there by Tuesday. Leon got up this morning and went and did his plasma and me and the kids relaxed. Its chilly out but the kids went out and played a little since its a little chilly but not cold. I hate the winter and I am not looking forward to it at all.   I am still upset over my uncle but I know him and know that he lives for his Lord and I am thinking that he knows the Lord will take care of him and if its his time to go be with him then its time and that's that. I really hope that he comes back here for the holidays though, at least Christmas so that we can see him and spend time w

Still upset, but doing ok

Friday, November 07, 2008 Still upset, but doing ok Category: Life Good morning everyone. I hope that you all are doing great and enjoying your Friday. I, on the other hand am still pretty upset about the news I got last night about my uncle but I will be ok. I just hope that he decides to come back home and stay with my grandma so that we can be with him as much as possible. They gave him 6 months.   Not doing to much today, I need to make a few phone calls and hope that the lady that was supposed to of paid me on Wednesday pays me today. I haven't seen her online yet and that makes me nervous b/c she said that I should get it today. I need to take it and pay on my cable so I don't have to stress anymore about it.   Its nice out today, sunny and nice, it was a little cooler this morning. I have a lot on my mind but I think that I need to relax for a little while and get my mind clear and then do my work or I am not going to be good at it. I am thinki

My day of very mixed emotions

Thursday, November 06, 2008 My day of very mixed emotions Category: Life Today was alright until earlier tonight and the blog about that is the one before this one, finding out that my uncle has cancer..horrifying! This morning me and hubby got out and went and got my money from western union then we went and paid the electric bill. We went to wally world and got a $1 double cheeseburger and fries at the McD's in wally world. We went shopping and spent about $30 on a few things and then hopped the bus and came home. Not to much else wnt on. I took a nap and woke up in pain! There was a stinging feeling inside of me and it felt like something was pullying my belly button but it was on the inside of me. I coudln't feel anything move, just a pulling on my belly button and it was a stinging but it hurt feeling. That is how I woke up, so yea fun! I called Sandy and said what in the world does this sound like to you and told her the feeling and she said your pg

Life is so unfair to good people, I just found out my uncle has cancer

Life is so unfair to good people, I just found out my uncle has cancer Current mood: sad Category: Life Good evening everyone. Our night was going fine, we were spending family time after we ate spaghetti for supper and we were playing with the kittens and then survivor was coming on so we were doing alright and enjoying time together just talking etc and then the phone rings, Jared looks to see who it is and its my mom, he answers it and I come in here and talk to her and she tells me that my uncle Bobby has cancer!!!! And not only does he have cancer, the doctors gave him 6 months!!!!!!!! She said that the other day he was hurting so he went in to the dr and then they decided to do some tests and I guess yesterday or today they put him in the hospital and told him that they found cancer on his liver. They did a colonscopy and found a big thing of cancer all over his colon no way to save it and it was making it spread other places in him. Then she said that it had


Thoughts Category: Life I have gotten plenty on my mind these days. Some good and some stressful. I am thankful and blessed for the things and people in my life. I appreciate each and every one of my friends. I am doing alright. I was down there for awhile but I am ok now. I know that things will get better, might take a little while but they will. I think once we get moved out of this house and situated that we will be better. I think that we just need to get out of this house and out of the neighborhood preferably. Its not the best in the world and has gone downhill since the 2 years that we've been here. We just need to get in a better place to where I don't hear a story in the freaking paper saying that basically 2 blocks away there has been a shooting!!! Missing 2 little girls while sleeping 6 inches from there heads! That just really really got to me and I think thats one of the biggest reasons I want out of the neighborhood. I use to feel safe and f ine

10 Things you say on Halloween that sound dirty, but really aren't

10. She's a goblin! 9. I'd like to get a little something In the sack tonight.   8. Just get on your hands and Knees and bob your head.   7. She's got a couple of nice Pumpkins on her porch.   6. If you just lick itIt will last longer.   5. Let me see your big sack.   4. Can I eat your zagnuts?   3. Have your mom check it Before you put it in your mouth.   2. You scared me stiff!   And the dirtiest sounding but Not-dirty Halloween saying is...   He's got candy spread out On the living room floor!

Why Pumpkins are better then Men

1. Every year you get a brand new crop to choose from.   2. No matter what your mood ispumpkins are always ready to greet you with a smile.   3. One usually makes a better pie.   4. They are always on the doorstep there waiting for you!   5. If you don't like the way he looksyou just carve up another face.   6. If he starts smelling up your placeyou can just throw him out.   7. From the start you know a pumpkin has an emptymush filled head to begin with.   8. A pumpkin is turned on (lit-up) only when you want him to be

Kids singing a song on myspace kareoke

Myspace Kareoke - kids sang a song :)  Current mood:   focused  Category:  Life Good evening everyone. Earlier this evening Chris and Jesse decided that they wanted to get on myspace kareoke and do a song together. We looked at a couple and finally found a cute one, Who Let the Dogs Out. :) So them two sat in here and goofed off and was silly and sang the song I put the video up on youtube, uploading now should be done soon hopefully and I think that its saved on here somewhere lol its new so not to sure how it works but it was saved I think. They are to cute trying to sing and do a good job and just having a good time. If you have kids that love to be silly and goofy and like to sing, get them on kareoke its cool and you can just do the sound or you can set up your cam and do the video and sound like we did. Its to cute and fun. Have a good night. YouTube id is Lisa_2900

Sean's 10th Birthday

Hey there everyone. Today was a pretty good day. Got up this morning and me and Sean made 2 little videos and I put them on youtube. The day went by slow. Leon went and did his plasma this morning. He came home and took a nap, then he went and got the cats there big bag of food at dollar general. Then we got some "afternoon delight"  And after that I checked email and got hired on as another writer this time for $7 for 850 words and $8 for 1000 words way better then the other one that Im working for but I am still doing hers to, just slowly. With the $7-8, he will send me 2-3 topics to write daily by 8am CA time and I will send them back to him before 11pm his time in CA. He told me to do one today and I already did it and sent it back. I enjoyed it. Its worth writing that for that much. I can make a pretty good amount each week woohoo. As far as Paul (the one I was working for doing the Virtual Assistant work) well I quit him, no work and it just sucked. So I am

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About Family and Friends - JSprik's weblog

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Indonesia the culture and life there - Ivy soraya

I have never been to Indonesia but the country sounds intersting. If you want to learn more about it and the ways of the life and culture there you should click on the link above on the title of this blog. There are so many different ways of life and cultures in this world. Sometimes its hard to think about the ways that others live in there world, in there country. For me I don't think about others in other countries and how hard they have it. For us here in the US, I think that we might sometimes take things for granted. Our Freedom and our freedom of speech and things like that, we just do our daily routines of living and working and yet don't think about the way it is in other countries and there lifestyles and there religions and the way they live. Indonesia would be a good place to research and see what things are like there compared to where you live.

Care Bear had kittens a week ago today

Good evening everyone. Our other girl kitty who is now a mama kitty also, had 5 kittens a week from today. She had a really rough and hard time with them. She has 3 now, we lost 2 black ones. She had a black one, calico, and a tan/orange one left. Grey Grey stepped in and helped her out as a mama since she had a hard time they are sisters. Hope that everyone had a good weekend and has a great week ahead.

Hubby being silly

Hubby being silly singing a song lol

2 kittens and thats it??!!

Well I guess that Grey Grey is done...she just had the TWO babies! But shes still big and were worried b/c she still looks like she could have at least one more if not two but its been 2 hours and 40 minutes since her last baby (number 2) So I guess that is it. I have never heard of a cat having only 2 kittens in there first litter but I guess its possible b/c she just did it!! Mama and kittens are doing great. Will be posting pics of the little angels soon :)

Grey Grey having kittens!!

Grey Grey having kittens! Category: Life So this morning I half woke up by Grey Grey jumping in my face meowing and then jumping down. She got up on the chair in Leon's lap and then a few minutes later he screams MOM!!!! and I jump up and at 8:50 baby number 1 solid black from what I can tell has been born. The black baby is trying to go back in lol he keeps ending up at the other end and not in the middle where he needs to be. Leon is in here with her to and he says hes trying to get back in. 2nd one born at 10:00 and the first one was at the end when it came out! lol The 2nd one is a calico black kitty sooo pretty. I took pics and will post soonm mother and 2 kittens are doing great.

The Big Debate tonight - my thoughts/comments

Friday, September 26, 2008 The Big Debate tonight - my thoughts/comments Category: Life Ok so here are my notes,thoughts and comments on the debate earlier tonight. O of course is Obama and M is McCain The first question Where do you stand on the financial $700 Billion Bailout? O: Made points that needs to be done M: Transparencies, options, this is the end of the beginning create jobs dependants O: Optimistic 2 years ago he warned going to have prob wrote to treasure last year O: Need responsibility not only in crisis M: our Best days are ahead of us M: Veto every bill that comes acreoss his desk citizens against gov wastes Are the fundamental differences between the candidates economic plans O: Earmarks process out of control he suspended them in IL $18 in Earmarks his tax 95% tax cut to working families M: Won't look at Obama NOT ONCE DID HE LOOK AT OBAMA M: Cut business taxes $5,000 to get healthcare As President as result of whatever financial rescue plan As Preside

Good Morning

Good morning everyone Category: Life Good morning. Its nice and cool outside. So some of the windows are open to let the nice fresh air in the house. I woke up to Leon's mouth running....great way to wake up in the morning and him griping at Sean b/c he woke up early. It was after 7 already, he didn't wake up that early and no biggie yet dumb butt has to talk like an idiot to him. What a man! I swear sometimes I wander why in the world hes still here? When I come in here to work and tell him shh Im working I swear those are the times when he comes in here most to interrupt me with a long drawn out speech about whatever. One time its about McCain next its about Obama. Its frustrating and hes worse then any of the kids. Hes a grown man and I told him Im in here writing and working on my articles yet he comes in here and starts rambling on and preaching and running his mouth for however long and its hard to shut him up!! He is driving me up a wall. Hes gone now, going to

Should we postpone the debates?

Should we postpone the debates? Category: Life I think that is a no nonsense question. Of course they shouldn't cancel the debate. It should go on. We still want to hear what they have to say and if they can answer the questions that are going to be asked to them and also the fact that the economy is having problems now, well before and after the debate we will still be in the same boat so what difference does it make to postpone it. That is just CHICKEN! He is just being down right stupid and pulling a stunt! RIDICULOUS! Here is a link to the CaffertyFile blog on CNN and there are all sorts of comments on there and most are saying don't cancel it and some are saying that if McCain can't handle the crisis that America is goign through and handle the campaign trail then whose to say that he can handle running this country?? We need someone in there that can multitask, not take oen thing at a time and put off things just b/c he can't handle it. This is crazy! Cafferty

Making Ice Cream with breast milk!!!???

Making Ice Cream with breast milk!!!!!!!!!???????? Category: Life Good evening everyone. Well I don't know about you all, but here today it was pretty chaotic on the news! We have the $700B dollar thing that the president wants to pass and congress and the senators/reps who ever aren't agreeing and understanding why we need that much money and how why where and when were goign to need to come up with the ways of what its going to consist of and whose going to get what and how much and how its going to be used etc Then to top things off....McCain takes it upon his self to pull off and out of the campaign trail and also put off the debate that took them awhile to agree on a date! That pissed me off b/c they don't need him in DC to stick his nose in on all of what is going on and if they do they can call him and say come on...which by the way later on they did that and the president said tonight in his speech that he invited McCain and Obama to come talk with them tomo

Good busy and long day

Good busy and long day Category: Life Good evening everyone. I hope that you all had a great day. Mine was pretty good all in all. I can't believe that it was such a long drawn out day. I was supposed to work for a telemarketing company this morning as my first day BUT I found things that disturbed me in the way that the business especially the lady that trained and hired me and a new friend of mine acted towards me and her. So I decided that I didn't want to work for someone or some company that did my friend and me the way they did. They fired my friend for no apparent reason. Me and her are thinking its b/c she was asking the trainer about her daughter (who happens to be a scam artist) so my friend thought that she was her mom and asked and the next thing that she knows she gets an email saying we won't be needing your services for the rest of the month, which she hadn't even started yet either. We were supposed to of yesterday but leads got messed up and so t

MIA for a few days

Category: Life So I just wanted to blog since I haven't in a few days. Not sure exactly what is going on with me. I guess a bit of depression has something to do with it. Anyway I am trying to get back into the routine of blogging, honestly I think that it helps me deal with whatever is going on in the world and in my life. If that makes since? And when I don't blog, I just get in these moods of not wanting to get on the pc, not wanting to talk to anyone on the phone or anything. I don't get out of the house usually but 2-3 times a month and usually thats around the first of the month and that's it. I send hubby or my oldest son to the little store a block away so that I don't have to get out and go. I think that I need to go to the dr and see what the cause of my mood changes and such are. I think that I already know though. I can't do much about it. Can't afford to up and run to the dr to see what the problem is. Unless its the kids, I don't wa

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Tuesday that seems like a Monday

    So this morning I got rudely awakened by Leon's mouth. I didn't feel good last night, toothache which are never any fun and yet he wakes me up early and then gripes at me b/c he missed the trash today. MEN! He blames it on me saying well you didn't tell yea we have lived here a year and a half and for all that time our trash days have been on Tuesday and Friday's but yet he doesn't remember and can't keep track of it, yet I am supposed to add it to my list of to do's and remind him every Tues and Fri b/c oh I am SO sure he just has SO much to remember in that little pea sized brain of his! UGH!     Then I log into ChaCha and they now have taken the money out of that account for the pay me now feature the balance is $0 but there is nothing in my bank account. So I put in feedback and just checked it and so YAY its in there now..FINALLY! Everyone was freaking out last night with the talk of lower pay and such and then the Pay Me Now wasn't work

Pissed off at ChaCha!!!

So today I had been working most of the day for ChaCha. Come to find out early this evening I see a thing on ChaCha saying Pay Performance Program. So I am thinking cool maybe an incentive thing for us that work our butts off and do good etc. WRONG!!!!!! I am SO ticked off!! We get 20cents per question and that is alright but not the best but it does seem to add up pretty quick as long as you stay with it and I have this past weekend and got over $40. Anyway, I clicked the link, went to a video and listened to it. They are CUTTING PAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How the HELL do they think that is a Pay Performance when they are CUTTING pay??!! They are cutting it so now its NOT going to be 20cents a question but 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So now we have to work double hard just to make a buck..literally!!!! That is just not right nor fair! So I am pissed off to say the least. So starting the 14th, next Thursday this freaking so called Pay Performance Program will take effect and I b