Cold Cloudy Foggy Tuesday

Countdown to Christmas

7 day Forecast

Happy Holidays everyone

Enjoying the day

Hubby doesn't think that your a good enough Housewife??!!

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Very Stressful Early Evening

Cold and Rainy day

Getting closer and closer to the holidays

My weekend so far

Still upset, but doing ok

My day of very mixed emotions

Life is so unfair to good people, I just found out my uncle has cancer


10 Things you say on Halloween that sound dirty, but really aren't

Why Pumpkins are better then Men

Kids singing a song on myspace kareoke

Sean's 10th Birthday

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About Family and Friends - JSprik's weblog

Indonesia the culture and life there - Ivy soraya

Care Bear had kittens a week ago today

Hubby being silly

2 kittens and thats it??!!

Grey Grey having kittens!!

The Big Debate tonight - my thoughts/comments

Good Morning

Should we postpone the debates?

Making Ice Cream with breast milk!!!???

Good busy and long day

MIA for a few days

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Make sure our candidates do more then just talk

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Tuesday that seems like a Monday

Pissed off at ChaCha!!!