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  Good morning, I am so glad that its Friday!! I am so ready for tonight to sit back and relax! Here is a great pic of this morning's sky while I was out and about..I love taking pics of the beautiful..have a great day.

Looking for work at home Reps - Job NOT a Biz Opp

If you are a hard worker, dependable and responsible and don't need someone under you every minute of the day to tell you what to do, then Email me !   We will be hiring soon for the upcoming classes that are starting in May!   There is NO cost for you to come join our awesome company Ori Global Enterprise     This is a REAL & Legit work at home job, not a business opportunity. We have all kinds of work that we do, the classes that we are wanting to fill in May are for customer service/sales associates to take incoming calls.   Please let me know if your interested and I can get you in to interview.   Have a great week Lisa    

A very relaxing and nice day :)

Today I woke up other words got to sleep in late! I was happy to do that since last night or rather this morning I didn't get to bed/sleep til almost 3 or so...I was playing around on my new phone, my Android HTC Hero and I absolutely LOVE it!! Can do anything on that thing! So instead of being on the laptop I was just playing around on it and having fun...   Woke up and started our stew since the meat was out for today and started a load of laundry and been mostly relaxing for the rest of the day. Just a nice and quiet and peaceful relaxing day...   I enjoy days like this..the kids are actually being have and quiet and not fussing over ever little piddly thing!   Have a great rest of the day and I am looking forward to the upcoming week. I have a lot of work to do this upcoming week but I am looking forward to it!