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Good morning, I am so glad that its Friday!! I am so ready for tonight to sit back and relax! Here is a great pic of this morning's sky while I was out and about..I love taking pics of the beautiful..have a great day.

Looking for work at home Reps - Job NOT a Biz Opp

If you are a hard worker, dependable and responsible and don't need someone under you every minute of the day to tell you what to do, then Email me! We will be hiring soon for the upcoming classes that are starting in May! There is NO cost for you to come join our awesome company Ori Global Enterprise This is a REAL & Legit work at home job, not a business opportunity. We have all kinds of work that we do, the classes that we are wanting to fill in May are for customer service/sales associates to take incoming calls. Please let me know if your interested and I can get you in to interview. Have a great week Lisa

A very relaxing and nice day :)

Today I woke up other words got to sleep in late! I was happy to do that since last night or rather this morning I didn't get to bed/sleep til almost 3 or so...I was playing around on my new phone, my Android HTC Hero and I absolutely LOVE it!! Can do anything on that thing! So instead of being on the laptop I was just playing around on it and having fun... Woke up and started our stew since the meat was out for today and started a load of laundry and been mostly relaxing for the rest of the day. Just a nice and quiet and peaceful relaxing day... I enjoy days like this..the kids are actually being have and quiet and not fussing over ever little piddly thing! Have a great rest of the day and I am looking forward to the upcoming week. I have a lot of work to do this upcoming week but I am looking forward to it!