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30 day Truth challenge - Day 1 Something you hate about yourself

Ok so this the first day of the 30 day Truth blog challenge - today's subject Something you hate about yourself For me this one is easy. I hate that I have to wear glasses every day. I hate that my eyes are so bad that they have made 2 of my 4 children have bad eyes like myself. I hate that I didn't have better eyes. I don't like that I have such low self esteem because I have to wear glasses, but on a good note, that will stop soon because I am getting contacts!! The last time I had contacts was back in high school and wore them all through High School until I was a few months pg with my 2nd son. So its been 15 years or a little more since I have had the chance to get them. I am hoping that my eyes are still to wear I can get contacts because if I go to the eye dr to learn that my eyes have gotten worse and can't handle contacts I am going to be extremely upset. I know that my eyes are bad and the last time I went to get them they were having to make the thickest or


What is your resolution for 2011?  Do you often make a resolution and not keep it?  What is the longest you have kept a New Years resolution?  What is your most often chosen New Years resolution?  What do you think about New Years resolutions? To better myself and my kids lives. I want to eat healthier and feel better about myself. Getting on the wii fitness and actually exercising a couple times a week would be a great thing to do for this year.