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The Love:A Tangled Knot Tour and Giveaway!

Love: A Tangled Knot by Eichin Chang Lim Genre: Clean Contemporary Romance If love is true, how long should you wait? How much pain should you endure before moving on? Love: A Tangled Knot is a new edition of a romantic novel penned by the award-winning author of Flipping, Eichin Chang-Lim. A clean romance about the struggles of a couple to keep their family together against all odds. With the Golden Gate Bridge in sight, the story begins. Kayla is an ambitious seventeen-year-old who is content to deliver "real-talk" to her boy-crazy best friend, Breeana, while running the high school's environmentalist club. She has no time or desire for boys, viewing even a crush as an unwanted commitment. Until Russell Mancini joins Beach Cleanup Day. Kayla learns that she's a sucker for love just like her peers. Their relationship seems perfect, but fate conspires against the pair. Kayla's dreams are shattered when she becomes pregn

The Wicked Bite Tour and Giveaway!

WICKED BITE Realm Enforcers #5 by Rebecca Zanetti Genre: Paranormal Romance Pub Date: 8/1/2017 As she hunts for a drug lord killing her fellow witches, all Tessa Lansa’s instincts point to the Grizzly motorcycle club. That might be because their leader, Bear, is the strong, silent shifter type: warm brown eyes and more muscle and alpha male than any woman can ignore. Which makes Tessa’s plan to seduce and betray him all the more dangerous… Bear doesn’t trust the curvy, blue-eyed witch. But Tessa can heal the injuries that sap his strength. And since he can’t stop thinking of her lush body and teasing smile, her plan to mate him to reclaim her own power is highly tempting. Just one problem. Once a desire this wild is loose, no one will ever control it… Add to Goodreads Amazon * Apple * B&N * Google * Kobo * Kensington New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Rebecca Zanetti has worked as an art curator, Senate aide, la

Release Tour for The Leverager by CL Masonite

Title: The Leverager Author: C.L. Masonite Genre: New Adult Romance Release Date: August 4, 2017 Cover Designer: CT Cover Creations Photography: Wander Aguiar Photography Cover Model: Joshua Underwood No one knows who The Leverager is, or if they do, they keep his identity a closely guarded secret. You ask to him to do a favor, any favor and he’ll do it, for a price in return of course. He’s exclusive; he meets the needs of his clients one at a time. They say his price is different according to each client, sometimes it’s money, sometimes it’s trade secrets and sometimes it’s a favor that you’ll have to repay in the future. The price is always extortionate—when you make a deal with the devil it always is. And I was willing to pay. Emerson: His head began to descend closer and closer until his lips were a breath away from mine. Giddy with wanton lust I waited for him to bridge the gap, but he didn’

Release Promo for Mondays with You by KJ Lewis

• • • • • •     High-school teacher West Connors struggled to put the pieces of his heart back together after the sudden departure of his best friend, Blake Thomas, from his life ten years ago. While loves have come and gone, West has never quite filled the hole in his heart Blake left behind.   Blake Thomas gets things done. As a handler for one of the top political fixers in the business, he focuses on work, friends, and one-night stands. He's fooled himself into thinking he's conquered the demons of his past until he runs into the best friend he was forced to leave behind when he was sixteen.   When their jobs force them into a fake relationship, Blake learns something about his childhood best friend and eventually about himself.   As they try to repair their damaged friendship, they find that moving forward can sometimes lead you back home.     • • •     • • •     Click HERE to enter the Release