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Blog Dare - Day 20 - Something mischievous I did as a child.

Something mischievous I did as a child...hmm, not too sure about this...sneaking out of my bedroom window at my grandparents house when I was a teen...does that count as mischievous? Hmm, I was a pretty good least I think I was! I don't remember being that bad..hehe or maybe I was and the thoughts are just not in my head right now..nah..I was a good little girl...

Taxes accepted and pics of new house coming up!!

I filed back on the twelfth and I got the federal accepted yesterday late I guess late afternoon or early evening and then state that is good and just to wait until I get it. Then I can get the things for the new house that I need and want. I am ready to start a new in this new house.. I have pics of the house and will share..I love it and the rooms are so big..compared to what were in now that house is like double of this one! And I love the landlord already..he got me a side by side fridge! The stinking painters look like they got paint on the top of the doors of it but otherwise its nice and white and I love it side by side with water/ice..I won't leave it where he put it..will probably move it beside where the stove will wasn't in there yet but he did take out the old one and said that he would put one in there so I know that he will...can't wait!! So excited and thrilled about it.. Sharing a few pics on here...really happy with …

Blog Dare - Day 19 - The last time I laughed so hard, I cried.

The last time that I laughed so hard I cried...well it was either the weekend two weeks ago that two of my best friends came down and they were acting all kinds of goofy and we all had a blast with the kids. They were rolling down the hallway on a skateboard laying on it not standing on it and they were having an absolute blast hollering and laughing...I enjoyed that weekend so much

Have you filed your taxes yet?

Hey there everyone, have you filed your taxes yet?? I did ours on the 12th knowing that they wouldn't be starting to accept them until yesterday the 17th but I wanted to get them done and out of the way...Not sure that was soon enough though..we still haven't gotten accepted as of yet..darn it so that means that we might not get anything back until the 1st or so? I am still hoping for next Friday..we will see. I need to get the truck and get to moving into my new house  Its huge and I love it...5 bedrooms for 600 a month can't beat that! Each kid gets there own room and they are a nice big size and the front room is big too and its wood floors! Ceiling fans in every room..even the kitchen! And one on the front porch!! I have never seen one on the front porch but we have one! Kinda cool! And there are hooks on the porch too for the swing that my daughter and I want to get sometime soon  Can't wait to get there and get moved in and it and will be sharing p…

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Blog Dare - Day 17 - The first time I saw...

Blog Dare - Day 17 - The first time I saw... The first time I saw each of my children for the first time I felt an overwhelming amount of love that I never knew could be so strong! Especially my first child/son..that was such an amazing feeling, still is ... And the second thing is..before my children, the first time that I saw my first true love I knew that there was a special connection there and there was and still is...we have been best friends ever since ...

Blog Dare - Day 16 - I convinced my kids to...

Blog Dare - Day 16 - I convinced my kids to...hmm, lets see what have I convinced my kids to do lately..I convinced them to keep moving forward even with the bumps that we are hitting in the road things will clear up and keep moving forward and looking towards a new beginning... My kids are now teens so its a little tougher to convince them of much...

Blog Dare - Day 15 - Why I don't like a certain cartoon character

Blog Dare - Day 15 - Why I don't like a certain cartoon character Well this one is kinda easy...I don't like the Family Guy kid...can't even think of his name at this moment but I don't like him! I don't like the show and I don't like any of the characters on there. They just turn my stomach on the way that they talk and such and I just don't like it...I miss the days of Scooby Doo and Bugs Bunny..the good and wholesome characters that didn't teach kids such foul and disrespectful things that fly out of there mouths!