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Blog Dare - Day 24 - A dream made into reality

Blog Dare - Day 24 - A dream I made into a reality.
I have made several dreams a reality through out my life.....I dreamed about being the best mom that I could be and I believe that I am a good mom. I have been there for my kids and spent time and spend time with them. I will always be there for my kids always. I dreamed that I would be a stay at home mom and supporting my kids and that is what I have done and am still doing. 

Blog Dare - Day 23 - My most unhealthy habit...

Blog Dare - Day 23 - The most unhealthy habit...
I think that the most unhealthy habit I have is eating/snacking on chocolate every other day or so. I have a bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs that I have had since February sitting in my room and just recently started snacking on them again. Chocolate isn't the most healthy thing but it usually last me for months, especially when its a big bag....

Blog Dare - Day 22 - Wearing pajamas in public...

Blog Dare - Day 22 - Wearing pajamas in public...
I wouldn't personally wear my pj's in public and sometimes, depending on what they look like, I think it looks ok but other times some of the ones that people decide to wear are just out there and outrageous! I don't have anything against it unless like I said its just trashy looking or something like that. But honestly why on earth would you wear pajamas out in public? You don't have time to change into regular clothes to go out in public then why go out in public?

Blog Dare - Day 21 - I dislike {insert random object here} because...

I dislike a few different things, or rather types of things/people.
I dislike judgmental people, the ones that can swear they just look at you and know who you are and how your going to act and all that. I don't like that. We are not put on this earth to judge others and what is it to us how others choose to live there lives or whatever.
I dislike the ones that are drama queens...yea the ones where if they don't have some sort of drama in their lives, they have to come up with drama in someone else's lives! I don't like drama, never have. I am not about to start drama, I have enough things going on in my life dealing with working at home, everyday things and four teenagers keep me busy and just don't have the time to start anything. I don't really dislike that much....ok I dislike the Goth/blood and gore stuff but if others that are into it and that's there thing and what they like then go for it, its just not my thing.
Also want to say that I am …

Behind on blogs, catching up

Behind on blogs, catching up, lots going on...Have a great week everyone...Lots on my mind too post..working a lot ...Crazy weather here in South East day its in the 80s and the next 70s and now its in the 50s! So glad that its spring break already though. Just hope that since it was a descent winter here that that doesn't mean its going to be a horrible summer!

Blog Dare - Day 20 - I am strong because...

I am strong because I have grown as a person in more ways in the past year and all in a good way. I am a strong person because of all the crap that I have dealt with and weathered through my life. I am strong because I am a woman and mother of 4 great teenagers. And I am strong because of all the support I have from my friends.
I am thankful that I have all the great friends that I do and I cherish each of them. I am strong because I am becoming an independent woman and I am setting my goals and working on them daily.
I have been working here at home for over 10 years and love it, I think that has made me stronger seeing that I can be a mom and take care of my kids but also work at home and make a living and not have to bring my kids to day care. I was very fortunate to not have to go out in the world and work and miss all the things that I have done and seen with each of my kids.
I am strong because I am finding me!!

Blog Dare - Day 19 - ...and that is why it was a little creepy.

...and that is why it was a little creepy.

Hmm, not too sure about this one...hmm a little creepy....I can't think of anything that was a little creepy..hmm, well maybe that my orange cat Pumpkin held out until the evening of my birthday to have her kittens and this kitty of mine, she is a pumpkin lol that of course is how she got her name...well when she had her babies this was creepy when we saw one solid black one come out in the midst of all the orange ones! That was sorta creepy because she's only ever had all orange babies. A couple might of been tanish but always orange/tan never another color and this time one black one! Yea kinda creepy in a way! lol...will post pics...

My Birthday!!

My birthday! I had a good one birthday wish came true so that made my day better I couldn't ask for more. Very quiet with the kids gone for the whole week but I know that they are having fun and enjoying there selves so that is all that matters, as long as they are having a good time on there spring break. I spoiled myself, got up and went to Sonic and got myself a free rt 44 (love the surveys they do to get a free rt 44) and I got myself a bacon egg and cheese toaster! YUM! Enjoyed it a lot. Then later on I went and got a large blizzard from Dairy Queen...hardly ever go there for the blizzards because they are so flipping expensive but since they have that special of buy one and get one for .99 cents heck yea! That is more reasonable so for 2 medium ones its only $5, not too bad! Better then the $9 or so it would of been without the special!

Blog Dare - Day 18 - If I was snowed in at a cabin deep in the woods.

If I was snowed in at a cabin deep in the woods.

If I were snowed in at a cabin deep In the woods I think that I would enjoy it as long as I had the supplies enough to be ok and enjoy It out theree and had heat and so forth and someone that I love with me.
Out in the middle of nowhere in a cabin would be so relaxing...I would have to have my music though and all the supplies and as long as I had someone to snuggle with :) It would be good!
I would very much enjoy the peace and quiet and time with that special person...