Blog Dare - Day 21 - I dislike {insert random object here} because...

I dislike a few different things, or rather types of things/people.

I dislike judgmental people, the ones that can swear they just look at you and know who you are and how your going to act and all that. I don't like that. We are not put on this earth to judge others and what is it to us how others choose to live there lives or whatever.

I dislike the ones that are drama queens...yea the ones where if they don't have some sort of drama in their lives, they have to come up with drama in someone else's lives!
I don't like drama, never have. I am not about to start drama, I have enough things going on in my life dealing with working at home, everyday things and four teenagers keep me busy and just don't have the time to start anything.
I don't really dislike that much....ok I dislike the Goth/blood and gore stuff but if others that are into it and that's there thing and what they like then go for it, its just not my thing.

Also want to say that I am not judging the ones that are judgmental so to speak..I just don't like the ways that sometimes people think that they know everything and how everyone is when they don't even know the person..does that make sense? I hope so! I hope that I am not sounding judgmental when I say that .. I just don't get how some can not like someone because of the way they were brought up or where they live etc. Everyone is equal, we are all humans!
Have a great day!

Not putting anyone down, that isn't what I am trying to do so I apologize if it comes out that way...


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