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Summer Blog Challenge - Day 2 - Pic of me smiling

Today's Summer Challenge is to put a pic up of me smiling...So here it is..Its not from that long ago..Usually take a few every month or every other month or so...will do that again soon..until then here ya go

Beautiful sky outside today .. wanted to share :)


Today's Song - Pocket Full of Sunshine


Mobile - no more 2 for $1 m&m's but dang she was RUDE and the sign was still up!!

  So earlier today while we were out and about running errands etc. We went to the Mobile at Wal-Mart to get Leon's dip and I went up there with him and the sign was still up that said plain as day M&M's and Snicker's 2/$1 so I thought cool I will grab a few for the kids, so I picked up 4 M&M's and said 4 of these too please and she said oh no that is over! And I said the sign is right there and she snatched it down and I said ok never mind!   Rude!! I think that she should of honored it anyway!! I mean damn the sign was right there on the window and the box of candy was right there on the thing in front of the window!! Ticks me off when they don't take down the signs of specials that are over!

Songs I heard tonight that I haven't heard in awhile..


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Blog Dare Day 2 for June - When I feel that I've wasted the day..

                                               Blog Dare - Day 2 June - When I feel that I've wasted the day...I feel like I need to make it up in the evening late into the morning usually! I have to have my music!! I swear I can't function right without music...what do I do when I'm working, listen to music, chores? Listen to music, anything else lol music has to be playing...would rather listen to music like i am now then turn on the tv... I don't like feeling that the day has been wasted. I love getting things done and when things don't go my way either with just everyday life and or with work I don't like it. With work I will stay up and work into the wee hours of the morning if that's what it takes to get things back on track and its the same with the everyday life..I will stay up late and get chores done that wasn't done or finished or if errands need to be done like going to Wal-Mart or whatever and I can get them

Summer Blog Day 1- Why am I doing this challenge?

Summer Blog - Day 1- Why am I doing this challenge? I am doing this challenge because I love to blog and I like the challenge when it comes to blogs. I use to blog every day then I took a break with life getting so busy but here lately I have been blogging regardless of time and life and that is the way that I would like to keep doing it.  

Pics of the beautiful clouds the first evening of June

Being the first day of June, I forgot to take pics this morning being so busy and tired but I did get my son to go outside tonight and take a few and I love them! Love the clouds and how pretty they are...

Insurance for you and your entire household!!

If you are tired of the current insurance that your with and want to change but not sure which one to change to or where to go, check this out....Its really reasonable and it can cover your entire household for a great price!! Check it out, only takes a few minutes to see what you think...    

Summer Blog Challenge - check this out! Love it!!

I will be participating in a Summer Blog Challenge from June 1 – August 31! I will be posting everyday and you can find all the links here! If you would like to join in visit HERE ! And don’t forget to check out all the other participating blogs below on the linky! Day 1-Why are you doing this challenge? Day 2-Smiling Picture Day 3-15 things about me

Almost 3 am and I am still up!! YIKES!

I can't believe that its 3am and I am still up and going!! Dang I am going to have a rough day today!!! I have a busy day ahead of me and I can't seem to get any sleep...guess I better try yet again and see if I can take a cat nap maybe? Hmm wonder if that will work..doubtful..hate it when I can't go to sleep and have so much to do!! That's probably why I can't get any sleep...too much on my mind maybe? Goodness!!   Have a great Friday and first day of June everyone..

Tab at wal-mart

Hubby got emotional at Wal-Mart earlier.....we had went down the soda pop isle and he was looking around and saw a 6 pack of the soda Tab in the pink cans...remember Tab?? I remember it but haven't had it in years and years! He got was one of his moms favorite soda's that she always drank and had to have...So he bought a 6 pack of the Tab soda...and then he bought a honey bun and a butterfinger..that was her thing...It was his birthday yesterday...he said that he couldn't of had a better birthday then finding the Tab which neither of us have seen in years!

Summer Blog Challenge - June 1st - Aug. 31st

                                        I was looking around for blog hops to join and I came across a great blog that just happen to have a Summer Blog Challenge...and as I love challenges, this year for me is all about challenges!  I am going to share the link and info with all of you so that if you want to join in you can  I think that its a great idea and love to do things like is her link to tell you more about it..not my idea..her's....

Blog Dare - June 1st - Where have all the {blog} comments gone?

Blog Dare for June 1st...where have all the blog comments gone? I have noticed that I don't get them as much as I use too but I also haven't been commenting like I use too either so that goes hand in hand...I would love for more comments to come across my blogs and I need to start taking the time to also go and comment on blogs daily as well.

1st of June - Good morning

Wow so its June 1st already....hard to believe. I am up and not sure if I will be getting that much sleep and I know darn well that I need to get some sleep I have a very busy day today......   Work at 9 and covering for someone in a class at 10 until noon and not to mention sometime going grocery shopping...was thinking in the morning but not too sure that is going to happen since I have work and class....Good sales going on at the stores though so that is a good thing and that's why I am wanting to get out in the morning thinking that things won't be out of stock in the morning but if I wait until the afternoon they might be...hmm...and I have to get out and go get a money order for the rent and send it out and not to mention pay all the bills fun!!!   So yea just a little bit busy today yet I am still up.....don't figure!   Have a great day everyone!

Last day of May...pretty day out

                  Can't believe that today is the last day of May!! Wow where has this month gone?? Or better yet where has this year gone?? Before we know it, it will be the 4th of July and then school starting again, Halloween, Twilight-Breaking Dawn part 2 out, Thanksgiving and then Christmas!!   I am so doing my shopping early this year!!   I hope that June is a great month for everyone.

Anxious just a tad bit for my classes to start Monday!!

                     I have been wanting it to be Monday all day today! I am just a tad bit anxious about my classes starting on Monday!! I am taking 2 college courses this Summer and my work class starts that evening. So starting next week for a month I will have both college and work classes to do and then at then end of the month well actually a week past it..July 6 both for one of my college courses and my work class will end so then I will just have work and 1 course to worry about for the remaining summer. I am SO looking forward to working!! And looking forward to the Fall semester so I can pick more classes and work part time if needed. I am still a manager as well its just slow on that work load right now.

Good Wednesday morning

  Good morning, Even though its cloudy and rainy out its a great morning since its so nice and breezy out! I love it! Wish that it would stay like this for awhile!   Already have the laundry started, MT dew to give me my get up and go today and already took Bunnie out this morning ... Now relaxing and then work at more day closer to my classes starting!! So looking forward to it.   Have a great day everyone.

Lotto - Mega Millions

I got a ticket earlier tonight for 2 for tonight which I didn't win and the other for Friday night..never know maybe I will do better at it then tonight!! Lets hope so anyway!   I got 5 rows of numbers goodness I need to win a little something since I never play!

Happy Memorial Day - Thank you to our soldiers

Thank you to all of our soldiers that have fought, are fighting and will fight for our freedom.



Click and donate for free today -

Please take a minute out of your busy day/schedule to donate to the causes that you want to help fight whether it be feeding hungry kids, helping abused women, feeding animals etc. Its free to donate with just a simple quick click thats it... Click to Donate free

Porch Swing

  I am wanting a porch swing and I was thinking of another color besides white..was thinking maybe black and I found one online at Lowe's so hopefully before too long I will get us one. I like the black..I like the wood color too but didn't see one that wasn't too high so black it is!   Do you have a porch swing or want one? What color/style would you choose? One that actually hangs on the porch or one on the frame to sit in the yard?

Anyone play WOW? Diablo 3 or GW?

Curious if anyone plays any of the games that I sometimes do... I haven't actually played WOW (world of warcraft) in awhile but yesterday I played for an hour or so and got one of my hunters up to 47!! YAY!! And then today I have been playing on and off for an hour and about half way to 48..woohoo moving on up!   I have Diablo 3 free because of wow but I'm not too sure that I even like Diablo...I will say this, I wouldn't pay the $60 for it!! No way from the little that I have played it would I ever spend that much on it!   I will however spend the $60 on Guild Wars 2 when it comes out in June and I will spend a whopping $20 probably on Torchlight 2 when it comes out I think in July. But with Diablo...I think that for all the time they took on that darn game its a disappointment and especially when they kept shutting it down for maintenance etc for the first couple of days because of servers or whatever other reasons that was absolutely ridiculous!   S

A horse named Chic

Chic was tied up to the tree right here on the corner by my yard! So pretty!! So I went outside and took a few pics of her!  

Twilight - Jacob

I am a huge Twilight fan! I love it!! Haven't been getting too many siggies lately with Twilight but I found one that I had gotten awhile ago and wanted to it! Designers are the greatest and so talented..I didn't do any of the tags that I share on here..not that talented!

A visitor across the alley

Leon was looking out Jessica's window, were right next to the alley and we had seen the trailer last night but didn't realize there was anything in it...well he snapped a pic with his cell and sent it to me  So here is the visitor across the alley...  

Weekend went by too fast...

This weekend as most went by too fast...I'm off of my job tomorrow but I will end up working a half day..I need to get the applicants set up with interviews and going so that they will all be getting the interviews in and then move on to the next steps hopefully pretty quick and if all goes well..crossing fingers! I will be getting my manager's salary at the end of June!! YAY! I really am looking forward to it since that is how I am going to be getting my newer vehicle.   So I am looking forward to the upcoming week...lots of things to get done and in place before I start my both my college classes and also my work class on the 4th.   I hope that each of you had a great weekend. Mine was alright...nothing major went on...the rest of this year and next year we will be doing alot van is giving out on me for the most part so I am looking for a newer vehicle to get by the end of June hopefully/first of July. Already have a road trip planned for the first

Sat outside for awhile with Bunnie :)

  I took Bunnie my white calico outside earlier this evening and she had fun on her daily outtings..she just laid in the grass and was relaxed and enjoying being outside. My daughter stayed with her as I  sat on the porch and just looked around and thought how thankful I am here in the US and free...The sky was so pretty outside and not to hot or chilly or anything nice out..   I know that times are hard all over the place and I hear about more and more people losing jobs and places closing down etc and wonder when will it get better? But then I realize the bad can only last so long, the good is around the corner..somewhere...We are very lucky and blessed that we aren't in other countries where people are walking around the streets with guns and so sad...And that brings me to thinking thank you to all of the soldiers that are fighting for us and have fought for us and will fight for us. So thankful!! I am thankful daily when I wake up in my house and

Dancing Goofy