Weekend went by too fast...

This weekend as most went by too fast...I'm off of my job tomorrow but I will end up working a half day..I need to get the applicants set up with interviews and going so that they will all be getting the interviews in and then move on to the next steps hopefully pretty quick and if all goes well..crossing fingers! I will be getting my manager's salary at the end of June!! YAY! I really am looking forward to it since that is how I am going to be getting my newer vehicle.
So I am looking forward to the upcoming week...lots of things to get done and in place before I start my both my college classes and also my work class on the 4th.
I hope that each of you had a great weekend. Mine was alright...nothing major went on...the rest of this year and next year we will be doing alot more..my van is giving out on me for the most part so I am looking for a newer vehicle to get by the end of June hopefully/first of July. Already have a road trip planned for the first weekend in July...have a great upcoming week everyone..


  1. Hi Lisa! Found your blog on Cafemom (though I will believing cafemom soon).. Anyway, great blog! I'll be following :)


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