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Happy 13th birthday to my son Sean

My youngest son is turning 13 today!! Can't believe that I now have FOUR teens in my house! They are all great kids, but sometimes they make me lose my hair with the fussing and griping at each other that they do! The joys of teenagers!

Games I'm looking forward to coming out

I like the games where you run around and fight like World of Warcraft, Divine Divinity, Everquest back in the day when I use to play it and Diablo. Oh and Guild Wars. Torchlight 2 is soon to be coming out, I believe they pushed it up until Nov/Dec and its only going to be $20 so that will be good. Diablo 3, they had said this year but now they pushed it until the beginning of next year, so we will have to wait until then to play it. I am looking forward to it but not as much as hubby and oldest son. They adore Diablo, I can play it but not as much as they can. I am looking forward to it but I can wait for it with no problem..they are really wanting it to come out and wanting to get a chance to play the open beta but none of us has been invited to it as of yet darn it! Guild Wars 2, I like GW, not too sure though when they will release it but I love it because its like Diablo but better but anyway its free to play, no monthly fees like wow and EQ. I'm looking forward to some cool game…

Weather tonight

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FIVE - on

If your a woman, I would recommend you to watch this movie. Yes its somewhat of a tear jerker, but seriously I think that every woman needs to watch it, even teen girls. Its something that everyone needs to be aware of. And breast cancer doesn't just affect woman, it can happen to men too, yes its slim but it does happen. The movie was directed by several women including Demi Moore, Jennifer Anniston and Alicia Keys and a couple of others, just can't think of there names right now. Its a very emotional and touching movie about five different people.