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ABC-day 1 -Why have you decided to participate in The Autumn Blog Challenge (The ABC)?

I love to blog and I haven't been doing it as much lately but, I have found that when I'm not keeping up with it and blogging that my mood suffers. I blog to relax, I blog for several reasons. I have this blog and a personal one and I haven't been doing near as much on either as I use too and I've noticed that when I get on here and I blog on either or both blogs that I get things off of my chest and I relax better and my mood is better rather then if I don't blog and let things stay built up inside me. I have always been the type to write or these days with technology blog my feelings, emotions and everything that I want to get out there that I can't say to people or rather don't have anyone to say things too. Thank you for making this Autumn blog, I look forward to keeping up with it and also reading some other great blogs.

Days til we leave for Rome, Italy for my 40th birthday!!!!