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ABC-Day 15- I am a people person except for people....

I am a people person except for people that are rude and don't have manners. If you can't show me respect and have manners then I don't want anything to do with you and if you are a backstabbing person then I sure as heck am not going to be a people person to you. Sometimes you can just tell the ones that are rude and unpleasant and also the ones that are backstabbers, you can tell after not that long of talking with them or being around them, you can tell because they will sure enough start talking about others and gossiping etc about them. And especially if they are talking rude in front of there children, I don't like that kind of stuff.

ABC-Day 14-When has being right been wrong?

I think that doing something that you know is right but its for the wrong reason has been wrong....when I got married, I did it for the wrong reasons. I did it because I felt pressured into it, I felt my mother giving me the ultimatum marry him or else! So back then instead of standing up to her and telling her exactly what she could do with her opinion and telling her that its MY life not her's, instead of doing that I gave in and got married. I haven't been happy for the past 17 1/2 years!!!! I gave in to her and this year, this year I not only stood up to her, I am doing what is best for me and I am getting out of a marriage that shouldn't of happened.

Weekend weather

TodaySep 14 72°F 63°F Scattered T-Storms CHANCE OF RAIN:50%WIND:N at 11 mph SatSep 15 79° 65° Showers CHANCE OF RAIN:60%WIND:NE at 6 mph SunSep 16 81° 63° Isolated T-Storms CHANCE OF RAIN:30%WIND:S at 8 mph

Weekend Blog Hop

Hey there everyone, join us for the weekend blog hop.

Here is the link to the hostess Epic Mom so check her out for all the rules and all that good stuff.
Have fun!!

Good Friday morning!!

I am so glad that its Friday. I swear I thought today would never get here!! Well not exactly today, but the weekend. Can't wait for the concert tomorrow night. Going to see Alan Jackson with one of my best friends for one of his early 40th birthday presents. Looking forward to it, hoping that its not pouring down rain and hoping that it stays cool out though so that its not too hot or too cold. Have a great Friday..its going by a little faster then I thought it would...already almost 11:30. This week has just slowly crept by!

ABC-Day 13-What do you think about our current educational system?

I don't think that the educational system is anywhere that it needs to be. I think that instead of spending money where  it doesn't need to be spent (unheard of programs etc) that we need to concentrate on bettering our educational system instead of letting it go downhill.

Teachers need to be better paid and be more respected and get more discounts and so forth then they do. If it wasn't for teachers, where would any of us be?? We all had teachers at one time or another...we need to better ourselves to where this country isn't slipping further down into the already has enough shouldn't be on the bottom of the list!!

Good morning

Good morning, I hope that you all have a fantastic day. Kids are up and doing chores and getting ready for school. I'm starting mine as soon as they leave and getting some things done and then checking to see if there will be any work today. Yesterday didn't do much at all so it was a relaxing day as far as work went anyway.

So you don't have to love me anymore

Little Bitty

Robbers throwing money out of the car??!!

My of my friends shared this on facebook and wanted to share it here....what would you do? Would you pick up the money? And if you picked it up would you turn it in??

Alan Jackson Saturday!!!

I finally got the tickets!! Didn't think I was going too there for a little while yesterday but the guy came through and I have them now!!Can't wait!! I get to spend time with one of my best friends and enjoy a great concert too. Here's the tickets!! Woohoo! I'm just happy and excited that I could do this for one of my best friends. I'm taking him since he loves Alan and also as one of his early 40th birthday presents.

5 day forecast :) Cooler weather finally!!

5 Day Forecast Updated: Sep 13, 2012, 12:07am CDT TodaySep 13 89°F 62°F Isolated T-Storms CHANCE OF RAIN:30%WIND:E at 7 mphDetails FriSep 14 79° 63° T-Showers CHANCE OF RAIN:70%WIND:NNE at 10 mphDetails SatSep 15 78° 61° T-Showers CHANCE OF RAIN:40%WIND:ENE at 6 mphDetails SunSep 16 81°

ABC-day 12- What was your high school reunion like? If you haven't been yet, do you plan on going?

I went to my 10th high school reunion, didn't go to the 20th. I enjoyed seeing all of my friends at the 10th one. Talking and just catching up on how everyone was doing. I got some good pics of us and they will always be a treasure to are what makes memories stay alive.

ABC-day11-What was your least favorite subject in school?

Least favorite subject was science. I didn't get it..sometimes it was ok but with some of the more advanced stuff it just bored me.

Remembering 9/11

My goodness, hard to believe that its been 11 years today since the tragedy. My heart, thoughts and prayers are with all those that was involved in the tragedy, whether they were there living it, near it, had someone there, lost someone everyone...all the heroes and those that sacrificed for others...Thank you...We will Never Forget. Where were you when this tragedy happened?? I was at home with 2 toddlers and 2 in school and I remember having the television on while doing chores around the house and all of a sudden I hear something about breaking news and stand there and see smoke on the tv...everywhere smoke!! They were talking and showing one of the towers and then a few minutes later I saw the 2nd one hit and then tumble down soon after...I was standing in shock...couldn't believe my eyes of what was happening..hoping it was just a mistake that surely nothing that horrible could be happening... I, like many of you I'm sure kept watching and listening to the news..h…

ABC-day 10-What was your favorite subject in school?

I loved math class. I loved it because I loved learning all the cool things with numbers and then once I got up into high school I loved taking typing class and accounting class. I still can't believe that we used typewriters back then!!  Kids these days are so spoiled with computers that they don't even know what typewriters are!

5 day forecast - finally cooler weather is here!

5 Day Forecast Updated: Sep 10, 2012, 8:08am CDT TodaySep 10 93°F 60°F Sunny CHANCE OF RAIN:0%WIND:SSE at 4 mphDetails TueSep 11 93° 62° Sunny CHANCE OF RAIN:0%WIND:S at 12 mphDetails WedSep 12 92° 66° Mostly Sunny CHANCE OF RAIN:0%WIND:SSE at 11 mphDetails ThuSep 13

ABC-day9-Who was your favorite teacher?

It's been 20 years since I've been in school...I remember a few of biology teacher Mr Bice in 6th or 7th grade and then a few of them in high school that were great.