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Need a FREE $25??

Good evening ladies. I just wanted to share something with you all, last night or the night before I saw a journal post on here about getting free $25 so I pm'd the mom and asked her for details and she told me it was by invite only to sign up for a site like paypal. So I thought ok thats easy enough and I know that Paypal is free so I thought ok and she sent me an invite. Well I just clicked on it and registered with them earlier tonight and you know what?? It took about 2 minutes to register for free with them and then they sent me my money right after that!!! A matter of seconds!! So I now have $25 in the account, now all I have to do is verify my bank account which shouldn't take a couple of business days for them to make 2 small deposits in there and then I verify the amounts and then I move that $25 into my account!! That easy!! So I am sending out this invite to all of my cafemom friends and even some that aren't my friends, if you would like to get a free $25 then j