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Blog Dare - Day 25 - A useless baby product

A useless baby product...hmm well its been awhile since I've had a baby around lets see I'm not to sure..The first thing that came to mind was baby can just use wash cloths and wash them instead of spending money on them to be thrown away. I'm sure there are other useless baby products out there but I haven't been in the  baby aisles lately so not too sure what other things are out there...

Know the signs for CO poisoning

Hey everyone,   Here is a great link to tell you some info about Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

Blog Dare - Day 24 - My most gullible moment...

My most gullible moment...was when I got married!

Blog Dare - Day 23 - I am so creative...

I am so creative...when I was younger..not so much anymore. I think that writing is a part of being creative then I can be creative in that way but as far as arts and crafts..not so much these days. I used to cross-stitch and made beautiful things.

Blog Dare - Day 22 - That is when my plans changed

That is when my plans changed...when I started working at home full time while the kids was in school and took up customer service as a career move instead of continuing my college to be a Medical Transcription.

A lot going on today

I have been up and going this morning and still feel like crap but keep going. I have posted in groups on cafemom, updated my status on Facebook, posted in groups on Facebook, clicked on both the hunger site and care 2 to do my part and donate for free to some great causes.   And I have replied to emails and also have done my fair share of bidding on extra jobs/projects this morning to keep myself working and busy. So yea its been a very busy morning, other then being on the computer and getting things done I have also made beds, started laundry, picked up the front room and thought about doing the kitchen! LOL..Haven't gotten that far yet with the kitchen, I figure that Leon can help and do that even though I know that he probably won't but it can wait until another break comes around in about an hour or so.   I am fixing to start work and hopefully get a lot of calls done today and appointments made because I really need that money coming in for my trip to Vegas re

First things first, click to donate

Good morning everyone, Do your part today and click to donate, it only takes a few minutes. Go to The Hunger Site    and you can also go to Care2   Have a great day everyone :) I am trying to do better and click each day to give...if everyone does it then it can add up fast in helping others.

Today's weather - very nice!

Hi everyone, just wanted to share what today's weather is supposed to be like :) Love this kind of weather when its nice out not too cool or too warm :) Today Tonight Tomorrow Sunny Sunny Clear Mostly Sunny 55°F 73° 48° 73° Feels Like:  55° Get FREE weather on your desktop High Low High Past 24-hr: Precip:  0 in Snow:  0 in Chance of Rain: 10% Chance of Rain: 0% Chance of Rain: 0% Wind: From SW at 16mph Wind: WSW at 10 mph Wind: SW at 10 mph Wind: W at 18 mph Through 2pm: Sunny with temperatures warming into the mid to upper 60s. Winds WSW at 5 to 10 mph. Sunny. Warm. High 73F. Winds WSW at 5 to 10 mph. Generally clear. Low 48F. Winds SW at 5 to 10 mph. Sunshine and some clouds. Warm. High 73F. Winds W at 15 to 25 mph.  

Blog Dare - Day 21 - Why do people make fun of....

Why do people make fun of other people. My first thought on this is other people that date or are married to others that aren't the same race and my second thought about this is people that are choosing a different sexual preference.  For myself, I don;t mind others that are dating others that aren't the same race, I have no problem with that. My thoughts and opinion on that issue is as long as they are happy being together who is it for anyone to judge them? And the same when it comes to others that choose to be different, who says that its ok to judge others that choose to live differently? I think that every person is there OWN person and as long as they happy with the way that they choose to live then whose business is it of anyone's to judge them or make fun of them? Its not anyone's business really!! And its not ever ok to make fun of people for looking or being different in whatever way that might be. This brings up a whole new issue being bullying!! Why do p

Blog Dare - Day 20 - The worst pain

The worst pain I think that I have gone through was when my daughter was in the hospital at the age of 10 days old and they made us leave the room and had all kinds of doctors and nurses in the room and trying to save her...she was saved thank the Lord but that was one of the worst feelings of pain and then when I lost my grandfather and my uncle was two of the worst pains that I think I have ever felt. I lost both of them to cancer and it was horrible to see them in such pain when there wasn't anything that we could do for sad to watch someone that you love so much go through something like that.

Blog Dare - Day 19 - I wish I lived...

I wish I lived back in the day when my mom did when things were so much easier back then and didn't have so much violence and things going on. I wish that I lived sometimes in another city or state or another country sometimes instead of just living here for most of my life.

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