Blog Dare - Day 21 - Why do people make fun of....

Why do people make fun of other people. My first thought on this is other people that date or are married to others that aren't the same race and my second thought about this is people that are choosing a different sexual preference. 

For myself, I don;t mind others that are dating others that aren't the same race, I have no problem with that. My thoughts and opinion on that issue is as long as they are happy being together who is it for anyone to judge them? And the same when it comes to others that choose to be different, who says that its ok to judge others that choose to live differently? I think that every person is there OWN person and as long as they happy with the way that they choose to live then whose business is it of anyone's to judge them or make fun of them? Its not anyone's business really!! And its not ever ok to make fun of people for looking or being different in whatever way that might be.

This brings up a whole new issue being bullying!! Why do people choose to bully others? What gives them the right to make fun of them because of the way that others choose to live there lives or act or the way that they choose to live there lives??? Just because you don't agree with whatever it is that they are doing or the way that they act or look like or live that doesn't make it right at any time to make fun of anyone!! Its just wrong!!


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