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Celebrity Apprentice....Trace or Penn

So who are you wanting to win the Celeb Apprentice this season??? Trace or Penn?? I think that they are both great candidates for the final 2..I wasn't really expecting them two to be it but they we will see who pulls it off tomorrow night! I can't wait...I'm excited since I got caught up a few nights ago and saw the last 2 episodes so I know who left and so forth...

The Voice - Team Adam

I don't know about what you all think of the show The Voice but I am a million percent Team Adam!! :) I love him!! HUGE fan of Maroon 5 and I absolutely LOVE him on The Voice and I am rooting for his team to pull off a win this season!! GO TEAM ADAM!!! Here is the link to some great facts about Adam :) Here is a video of him and his 3 ladies on Team Adam singing Lovesong...I happen to LOVE it but of course I love any and everything about him...

Survivor Finale - what did you think?

I have been watching Survivor since it started years and years I am a HUGE fan!! This last Survivor..oh wow! I SO wanted Malcolm to win!! I loved him from the first time I saw him and I will keep on loving him and maybe they will bring him back again...3rd times a charm!!  Did you see the "tease" that they gave us about next season in Sept?? Blood Vs. Water...Interesting for sure! I don't want to see anymore of the Hanson family I think that was there name...Brandon and his uncle..nope I can do WITHOUT them thank you! And I can do without Phillip...I've had enough of him to last a lifetime! Some players just seem to automatically click with me that I love and others just annoy the fire out of me when I first see them and hear them..he was one of them! I would love to see Shamar back though and definitely Eric..I was wanting him in the top 3 darn it!! I hated that Eric got out at the end like that b/c of the medical issues..really sucks but it just