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A Third Of Republicans DO NOT Want Trump To Run Again 2020

I am going to continue hoping & praying that Mr. Mueller will one day hopefully soon or before this year ends is what I'm hoping for. Will announce that they are indeed indicting Kushner, Don Jr and the POTUS is right behind them two!! And that someone in the Senate or the House of Reps etc will finally stand up and say okay this is now enough and get him out of office!! That can't happen soon enough!!

Either they need to follow through with the impeachment or they need to do the 25th Amendment, whichever one is quicker to get that idiot out of office and bring down his family that took part in illegal things and gets them out of there and behind bars where they belong!

Money Laundering, Obstruction of Justice and so many more things I'm sure needs to be enough actually those things are more than enough to get them out of there and behind bars!!

Have a great rest of the weekend!

Much love always from your Queen of Random - Lisa

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Donald Trump Is Going To Tweet His Way To A Prison Sentence

And this is the man that claims to be "so smart!" Yeah, okay so if you are so smart then you really need to shut up! Or better yet, you konw what? Keep running your mouth on Twitter...this is becoming quite the soap opera never knowing what he's going to do/say the next minute when something goes wrong. 

Seriously if the man was smart wouldn't you hush instead of constantly tweeting?! He isn't one of the smartest people out there or rather one of the brightest crayons in the box!

Keep running your mouth Mr. Smart man and you will end up running it right into prison and well if the shoe fits keep running and that's apparently where you belong!

It is so disgusting on how much crap that the man is involved in doing illegal things and I think that Karma will come and bite him in the butt soon!

And just another point...I think that it's flipping hysterical that Trump said something about if Mueller looked into his finances that it was crossing a line or something …

Develop Sexy Confidence He Can't Resist

Hello everyone!

Do you want to have more confidence in your life? Do you want to feel solid and fearless in everything you do, including relationships?

This is a great article by James Bauer, a relationship expert. He truly understands confidence and reveals how you can easily develop it with just this one simple technique. Here is his message below - Best Wishes!

Lisa-Queen of Random


Real Self-Confidence

Would you like to have real self-confidence? I'm talking about the kind of confidence that is rooted so deep it is literally unshakable. I'm talking about the kind of confidence you see in a mother when she needs to protect her infant. There's no self-doubt or bashfulness. Her actions flow from a place of certainty. Emotions may be present, but they do not run the show. Her mind remains resolutely focused on the goal. You can't pull rank on her and she doesn't care how big you are or what kind of car you drive.

What if you coul…

Blog Tour for Losing Cadence Finding Sophie

Losing Cadence by Laura Lovett Genre: Thriller, Suspense
When Cadence Weaverly graduates from high school, she thinks it’s for the best that she and her boyfriend, Richard White, take separate paths: she to Julliard and he back to Harvard. Ten years later, she has an ideal job and a wonderful fiancΓ©, Christian. She is building the life of her dreams—until the day Richard resurfaces out of the blue, abducts her from her San Francisco apartment, and returns her to his mansion where he holds her captive.

Cadence can hardly believe her ears when Richard professes his undying love and reveals his plans to build a life together. Terrified to fight back for fear he will have Christian murdered, Cadence must determine how to reason with a mentally unstable man who is obsessed with making her his forever. But even if she manages to escape, will she ever really be free of the man who hunts her heart?
In this psychological thriller, a young woman must rely on perseverance, courage, and inner strength…

Tour for Holidays Ever After - Contemporary Romance Holiday Boxed Set

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Cover Reveal for Princess Witch by Billie Dale

Princess Witch
by Billie Dale
The Reigh Witch Chronicles Book 2
Genre: PNR romcom
The battle was won, Mom got her man. Where did that leave me? Stuck with an overbearing step dad wanna be in a realm I hate. What I want: Normalcy; to go to college and leave Erigate in my rearview mirror. What I get: Acting Queen duties and a giant mess. Mom’s pregnant and, with some unforeseen complications, she hands the reigns of her land over to me. It’s got to be easy, right? Do what my mother needs to be done for the sake of the kingdom, wait for her to deliver the baby, and then I’m off to college. Wrong, so very wrong. A murdered body left by a cold-blooded killer is found, throwing an uber wrench in my plans. Now, I have extra security in the form of a hot, brooding shifter named Phoenix Winston, plus a super sexy half-alien/half-human hybrid - the one and only Declan Moore. My powers are amped, two men are making me question everything and I have a killer to catch. That’s just the tip of …

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