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Power keeps blinking!

My goodness it was 104 here just a little while ago and now cooled off Yes being very sarcastic to a cool 100 degrees!!! And this is about the 3-4th time today that the power has blinked off b/c I am sure that everyone and there mother's are using the air conditioners and air to try to keep somewhat cool! I can't wait to move into a central air house..window ac's suck..never again!!!!!!

My training log in party tomorrow!!

I can't believe that its July already and that my log in party for my training for ATT that starts next week is tomorrow!! I have been waiting forever it seems like to start this class and now the time has come that tomorrow were having our log in party to make sure that we can get logged into everything which I have and then some. I like being ahead of the game if at all possible.   Can't wait to start class Monday evening, its going to be challenging sitting here from 4-10pm training but I know that I can handle it..its just going to take a lot of patience with the kids learning how to not come in here and ask me something every few minutes! Leon has been working days so he better get use to being here in the evenings and dealing with them because I won't be able too and he will have to be doing his college too. At least the kids are teens and not little kids so they can take care of themselves for the most part and don't need so much supervision from us as the

Hubby going to college!!

So hubby is going to college online to get his degree in Business. I think that its a good idea to get a degree in business since business isn't going anywhere. I am learning things too by helping him with how to turn in work etc since I have taken online courses before and know how to do things and am use to turning in things and going about it the way that they do, ours wasn't as easy as his is set up but it was the same steps and such..anyway I like helping him so thats a good thing. GO TIFFIN UNIVERSITY DRAGONS :)

Casey Anthony being released on the 13th of July

I don't know about all of your feelings but mine on this subject is that she doesn't deserve to get out for any reason. She's a liar and she's covering something up. She needs to stay behind bars but as the news has been saying, Judge Perry did what he could and gave her the max amount of time for each of the 4 little counts of lying to the police officer which was a year each I believe and she's served nearly 3 years or so and then for good behavior so they are letting her out next week on the 13th. I think its a shame. My question is, where will she go?? Will her parents just let her back into there house with open arms after all the trouble that the trial has caused both of them? the way that she accused her dad and brother of the molestation and the way that her mom lied for her and committed purgery just to say that it was her at home doing the searches when she was indeed at work. I wouldn't let her back into my house with open arms! But thats just me a son and hubby being silly

So were sitting here talking about naming one of our orange kitties, we had named her Garfield when she was a baby not knowing that she was a she and not a he. So now that she's older and we realize that she's a girl hubby said hmm wonder what Garfield's girlfriends name he sits there and looks it up on the net and turns around and says its Pene-lope (yep Pena lope) LMAO!!!! I busted out laughing and said how do you spell it? He said Penelope...I said Penelope not Pena lope!!!! And then my oldest son sitting on the bed said "Isn't that a fruit?"  and again I start laughing and I said son you mean Cantelope!! LMAO!!! Uh huh after the day that I've had I needed a good laugh and there it was!

So the verdict is in on the Casey Anthony case - do you agree with it??

I have heard about the case, I have watched some of the trial, not all but about half or so. Just a few things that I have heard set off alarms with me and said guilty but I guess if the jury comes back with 3 counts of NOT GUILTY for killing her daughter and 4 counts of guilty for the charges of falsifying info to the police then they heard/saw more then I did in the court room!!!   I don't agree with it. I think that she's guilty and I think that with her going out partying and not saying anything about her own 2 year old daughter missing for 30 days says it all....Guilty!! But apparently the jury didn't feel the same way...unanimously! I guess that her trunk smelling of decomposing smells of a dead body in it for the longest time didn't set off any alarms or questions in there mind and I guess that getting a tattoo on her shoulder saying the phrase in whatever language it was that means beautiful life didn't set off any alarms in there minds,

Closing Arguments - Casey Anthony trial (thoughts)

All I can say about this case is that the way that she went partying 30-31 days while her daughter was "missing" tells me that she was trying to get her mind off of what she had done...that was completely wrong!! And then to get the tatoo that says whatever the words are that means Beautiful Life ... How the heck do you see it as a beautiful life when your daughter is missing and you tell no one but go out partying and playing around is more important then knowing where your daughter is? And then when it finally comes out that she's missing you don't call the cops, your mother does! And then when it all comes down on you, you decide to blame everyone else but yourself for everything and when you find yourself in a very very deep hole you decide to bring up the thing of sexual abuse? OMG Really you think that is going to get you out of this mess?? I don't believe that happened or else I think that it would of been brought up and something done about it before a