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Working a lot and getting ready for my trip next month!

So I haven’t been on here too much, I have been really busy working and getting ready for my trip to Rome net month..its creeping up on me really fast!   I have been doing great with work. Next week I will be taking my 20 hours of classes to get prepared for my 2 exams the following week to get my Loan Officer license!! I can’t wait! I am very excited about the job!! I got hired but a great company and can’t wait to get started with them which will be hopefully the Monday after I get back from my trip. It was originally supposed to be the Monday that I’m going to be gone so hopefully they will push it up a week for me.   I love Real Estate and Customer Service and can’t wait to get this going and before too long I will be moved back to Texas and starting a new job in my home office still but in a different place and getting use to being a single mom again which I don’t think that I’m going to mind at all.   Have a great rest of the day and week everyone and I look forward to catc