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Summer Blog - day 6 - What is a holiday tradition you have in your family?

Christmas time is our main family tradition with all the decorating and getting the kids involved in all that and relaxing and enjoying there company ... they grow up way too fast..

Summer Blog - day 5 - Talk about a fear you have.

One of the fears that I have..the biggest one..isn't really about me...its about losing my friends...not losing them like keeping in touch with them, but something happening to any of them. That is one of my major fears. I worry and fear for my children too and the world that they are growing up in but I know that I have raised good kids, now teens and I know that they will do great out in the world...they are strong individuals..its my friends that I worry about losing because of here lately all the devastation around us...innocent people dying because of whatever tragedies and I realize that having lost 2 family members to cancer that it worries me and concerns me that when things start going good for my friends I find myself worrying that things will get rough on them...

Summer Blog - July 4 - free to write whatever blog

Its July 4th...not in too good of a mood so we will see how the day goes...

Summer Blog - July 3 - Travel & plans you have for the summer.

I want to go back to where we are from...southwest Oklahoma and I want to go to Chocolate Bay in Texas...and maybe a couple of other places...we will see

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Summer Blog - July 2 - Share a poem you've written or just one you like.

I like the poem Footprints....

Rainbow by my house...very pretty!

My son saw this outside and took pics of beautiful!! And so close!

Summer Blog - -Talk about something eco friendly that you already do.

I make sure that the lights are always off if were not using them in the room. I would recycle more but not sure of where we would bring the stuff to recycle here. Looking more into the eco-friendly things that we can do