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Cold Cloudy Foggy Tuesday

Good evening everyone. I hope that you all are doing great. I am doing all right. Chris stayed home today since he came home sick yesterday. I got up feeling like crap this morning  so I rescheduled my morning appointment until next Tuesday. The temps have been dropping all day long. Its now about 31 or so out..BRR!!! I hate the cold/winter!! HATE IT!! Jesse and Sean got pictures on bookmarks from school. They got one lamenated page and 2 little sticker pages for $20!! Which is crazy in my mind. Leon walked his butt to Dollar General earlier and got me advil b/c my toothe ache was hurting way to much. It helped like I hoped but now its a slow steady pain coming back and its driving me crazy. Leon came home and cooked us hot sandwiches and chips and then went to bed and has been sleeping ever since 4:30 or so. Hes such a baby when he starts getting a cold...ugh men!! I got most of the cards that I wanted to get addressed done last night but didn't get them in the mail t…

Countdown to Christmas

7 day Forecast


Happy Holidays everyone

Hey there everyone, I just wanted to say Happy Holidays. I hope that everyone has a great and safe holiday season.

Enjoying the day

Good afternoon everyone. I hope that you all are having a good day. Mine has been alright so far. Were in the mid 60's here again so thats a great thing. I hate the cold and winter!! We got to 69 yesterday and its about there again today!! WOOHOO! My son Chris got sick so hubby went to go get him, bless his heart. I hate it when kids get sick. Hopefully nothing serious just a tummy ache. Not to much else going on. I enjoy this site. Its easy and I love it so far. I enjoy posting and I enjoy being able to blog on here to. Its great. This might be my new fave site to hang on..I will always love myspace but this is a top one right now to. I hope that you all have a great week. Hugs The site I am talking about is Aimoo and my profile link is

Hubby doesn't think that your a good enough Housewife??!!

Just show him this link:

And then tell him "It could always be worse!!!"