Cold Cloudy Foggy Tuesday

Good evening everyone. I hope that you all are doing great. I am doing all right. Chris stayed home today since he came home sick yesterday. I got up feeling like crap this morning  so I rescheduled my morning appointment until next Tuesday. The temps have been dropping all day long. Its now about 31 or so out..BRR!!! I hate the cold/winter!! HATE IT!!
Jesse and Sean got pictures on bookmarks from school. They got one lamenated page and 2 little sticker pages for $20!! Which is crazy in my mind. Leon walked his butt to Dollar General earlier and got me advil b/c my toothe ache was hurting way to much. It helped like I hoped but now its a slow steady pain coming back and its driving me crazy. Leon came home and cooked us hot sandwiches and chips and then went to bed and has been sleeping ever since 4:30 or so. Hes such a baby when he starts getting a cold...ugh men!! I got most of the cards that I wanted to get addressed done last night but didn't get them in the mail today, we will see if I can do it tomorrow!! Leon has to get out tomorrow and go do his plasma so his butt better rest all that he can tonight b/c hes not getting out of it tomorrow for nothing! Then after he gets home, I need to get out and go pay the electric and get a few things at Wally world.
It was icky, cold, cloudy and foggy here today and we were in a wind advisory all day long and its probably going to be the same the weather..NOT!
I got an e-mail today from one of the ladies that I blog for and they said that the blogs are yet again on hold this time b/c of payroll and that we can't start writing again until Jan 3rd 2009 so that's that. Which is a good and bad thing b/c I wasn't getting to much done with the way the computer has been acting and not knowing when the cable is going to be off. But I then got offered to work a job that I had the interview for a couple weeks ago but didn't get picked, well I got an email stating that she quit so I got picked now and I will be inputting data from emails into a site a few times between 10:30am-4:30pm Monday-Friday so that's a good thing. Its not much money but a few dollars each day helps. So I wrote him back and told him that I would do it and I am looking forward to hearing back from him and hoping to maybe start tomorrow..not sure yet. He said start ASAP so we will see when.
I work from home and I am doing this mail program where I get all sorts of magazines and catalogs in the mail usually daily and all I have to do is call them in to a toll free number and give them my id and the catalogs id and that's it. In return I get 10 stamps a month for that. Well they sent me a round tin thing of cashews the other day by UPS so I thought that was sweet of them!! I appreciated it and the cashews are really really good.
Chris finally got the camera yesterday that my mom ordered over a week ago for his birthday off of ebay. Shes not to happy with the lady that she bought it from. She said that she never e-mailed her back and it was slow shipping and it just stunk so shes leaving mediocre feedback. I thought it took way to long. When you buy something you expect it to be sent out in a timely manner especially when it was paid for then right when she did the buy it now and did the paypal thing. Some people are just slow.
I love the aimoo site. I have been posting on there a lot today or at least this morning I did. I watched Days of Our Lives today. Its getting interesting. I don't know why but EJ is talking to Sami on the phone and is telling her "bye" not to sure what that is all about and I think that Sami needs to tell him that shes pg with is baby b/c he doesn't know that shes pregnant and especially not with is baby. I think that Nicole needs her butt kicked for being the way that she is and putting that stuff in Brady's drink was really stupid of her..I use to like her, don't now. And its hard to think of "Ethan from Passions as Brady on there" I like Luis as the officer watching over Sami, I think that them two have some chemistry going on somewhere
Happy Holidays everyone..have a great rest of the week.