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Thursday Night

Thursday evening Category: Life Hey there everyone...well its nearly Friday yet again....dang this week went by FAST! Its the last weekend of Sept!! Hard to believe that Christmas is literally around the corner!! I have good news...the Cloud 10 business where I got the interview on Sept 1st and got hired, well I wrote them today again asking about how much longer until a project/job comes available. Well later on tonight guess what? I got an email invited to work for T-mobile!!!! WOOHOO! So FINALLY I get a chance to work a job for them. I get a good amount for 2 weeks training and then a good amount same as flowers with the highest incentive per hour and its a SET schedule of 25 hours a week. Doesn't sound like much BUT at least its from 5pm-10pm is the one that I am going to choose so that leaves my days open to kids dr appointments and so forth t

My day

Good evening. Just wanted to say hey to everyone. I hope that everyone is having a good night and will have an awesome Friday.