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Kids finally start school Monday!! YAY!

So this coming Monday my kids finally get to start school. I think that its totally ridiculous and just insane how behind and unorganized that they are with the schools here now.   They misplaced my son's paper so they said..but they didn't!! They just made us go up there and freaking sit there in the fancy fancy FANCY office that is good enough to have a huge flat screen TV on the wall but too good to have the old fashioned clocks on the walls!!! Yep not a clock on the wall in site! Instead they had a black thing scrolling the time, I didn't even see that but my son did. PATHETIC!!!!! And not only did the receptionist have a too much of a fancy freaking desk for a little counselor's office but she not only had a regular desktop PC with a flat screen big monitor but also a laptop!! Good grief!!!!! Then we go in the counselor's office and her's is the same way huge room, big shelves, circular desk, built in filing cabinets and a flat screen for her desktop