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Love your pets? Make sure they stay healthy

I love my pets, they are more like family and kids then pets. And I want to make sure that they are healthy as I am sure that you do too. So take a look at petmeds and some of the great offers they are offering right now. I love the idea of saving money however I can so if someone has a sale going on and I need something that is the best time to grab it and especially with shipping and such. I love buying things on the net, its just much easier for me to go to pages and look around, add to my cart and click the order button rather then getting out and going to the store and seeing that they are out of what I need and getting frustrated about the time spent getting out and also when I go to the stores, It seems that I always end up spending more then intended and getting things that I could of waited on and got them on sale.

My first child soon to be 18

I can't believe that on the 31st my first son/child is going to be turning 18!!! Man how time gets away from you and flies by and I swear it only seems to go by faster the older that you get.   My son is a great person, I love him with all my heart more then he will ever know. He has had some rough times in his life, who hasn't really..but we have made it through them and he's grown up to be a great young man and soon to be adult.   He doesn't like me taking lots of pics of him but through out the years I have managed to snap a few of him here and there and I am going to be putting something together, nothing too fancy/great, I'm not that talented but something to where I have pictures of him through out the year...I just need to go through all my pictures and then scan them and come up with a way to get them together like I want them.   My baby is turning into a man...and yes I am sure I will be crying more then once that day!

Apparently griping to an SV works!!

Well we got the money situation fixed! I was going to call them again and ask to speak to a higher up manager instead of the sv figuring I wouldn’t get anywhere with her again…so I thought well I will call and check my balance and see if it will even go through this time since when they restricted it or whatever it wouldn’t even take my card number to check the balance..I called and checked it about 2:45 or so today and it was on there! My goodness though they were a pain in the butt and I had to rush around and go out and do all the errands and then come home and take my oldest son to gamestop to get his xbox 360 and then rush back home in time for my orientation which started late! But at least everything is up to speed now and its done. I think that me telling them that I have been with them for 7+ years and they were going to lose me hit a nerve!! Because someone somewhere got the message and got off their butts and actually did there job!!! I was proud of myself though for keepin

Dollar General is a great place to work!

Well at least when hubby called Dollar General's payroll department he actually got somewhere! He called and got through and actually talked to a lady that said that as soon as she gets the notice that it was sent back to them that she would call the manager at his store and authorize her to do a payout from the store's money...thank goodness! Although that might not be until Monday/Tuesday but at least we know about when we will get it and how!! Good grief what a pain in the freaking neck!   I am so thankful that she was nice to him and told him that..ugh! I can't imagine having to go until next Friday without money since were so use to getting paid every week good grief what a freaking day/week!!

Is today Monday??

I swear that today is Monday all over again and then some!!! As a matter of fact, I don't even think my Monday was this freaking bad! So with the train coming by every 10 minutes and blasting its whistle for 5 minutes and with the stupid bank messing up and sending the paycheck back to the employer because of the compliance issue? We didn't get paid today! Ticked off about that and then the train and its whistling is driving me nutty!!!   I called the bank yet again this morning, asked to speak to a supervisor and still am being told a few different things....first I found out WHY they put my account on a restricted status because hubby's name was on the payroll, not my name!! I have had this damn bank and card for 7 freaking years and his paychecks have gone in there before and just NOW they are starting to question it??? I might could understand things if his last name was different then mine etc but nope we are married so our last names are the same! Good grief ..

Nearly 2am and the train is blowing its whistles LOUD!!!

As if I am not already having a bad enough day/morning and then I think ok maybe I will try to lay down and go to sleep and rest and then get up in the morning and refresh and try to get things tended too and hopefully get in a better mood....but Oh no that isn't happening!! Instead the freaking trains are coming through town and blowing whistles as loudly and as long as they possibly can! And not a couple of times...a few times ever since 1 and its now almost 2 and they just blew them again??!! What on earth do they need to blow them long and hard this early in the morning for??? Really???

Don't ever use MIO CARD!!!!!

I am so ticked off right now I can't even freaking think straight!!!!!!! I have a prepaid card that is called Mio, got it over 7 years ago at a Dollar General NEVER was there ever a problem before until tonight!!!! Yep  they decided that they are going to lock my account and not even tell me and then they are wanting information that they already have on file!!!!!!!! Something about a compliance something another!!! What the hell??!!! I mean really??? I have had the damn card more then 7 years, have had my paychecks directly deposited along with Leon's and now they decide to give us hell????? So I am needless to say in a very very very crappy mood and I refuse to ever use them again after this BS!!!! We will go back to Bank of America and or the local bank here and town and those idiots can literally shove it because I refuse to support a damn company that is full of crap and rude like the csr was!!!!!!

Almost Friday!!! YES!!

I am so glad that its almost Friday. Its usually always a good day when its a Friday. I have my orientation tomorrow night at 8 so that will be fun. Otherwise its going to be a late night tonight, going to wal-mart and getting a few things, maybe hitting the casino and then giving my oldest son who has a birthday next week money so in the morning when gamestop opens we can go up there and he can get what he's been wanting for a while xbox 360 yay!   Not a whole lot going on tomorrow but enough to where I am glad that its Friday!! After orientation tomorrow night I am sure that I will be wanting a strawberry daiquiri..just because I know that I have training starting next week and its in the evening...going to be challenging but the kids better get use to it for 11 days and behave or else they are going to be losing a lot of their entertainment.


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Guild Wars - a great game to help relieve stress

So I was trying to figure out something to do to help take away the stress that seems to be building up in me here lately and even though blogging use to seem to relieve most of my stress and other emotions and still somewhat does, I figured that I needed something else to do besides just I decided that with all the games out there, Guild Wars is one that I loved and enjoyed playing. Since we moved here nearly 2 years ago, we have seemed to misplace the guild wars cd so I haven't had the chance to play it. So I was looking on Amazon and found not only Guild Wars but 2 expansions for not that much so I am buying that for me .. happy belated birthday to me since I really didn't get anything for my bday last weekend..           

Oldest son turning 18 in a week!

So my oldest son turns 18 in one week!! I can't believe that my "baby" is going to be an adult in a week! So were giving him his birthday money tonight and then he will go out and get whatever he wants which he has decided on an xbox 360 so he's just a little excited about that and then he can be back online with his friends and such. Then next week for his birthday were going out to eat at Ci-Ci's pizza which is what he wanted to do while the other kids were in school So were going there and then to Hastings probably for him to get a game or two. We miss Hastings and wish that they had one here but oh well, life goes on...

Mid week already coming to and end (kinda long)

I can't believe that another week is almost gone again. Wednesday is nearly over and its another day closer to the weekend. I am glad, I need my night out tomorrow night to the casino and to Wally world to get a few things that I'm wanting, a better headset for my training next week and a few other things that we need.   I still can't believe that next week is the 1st! Where on earth has this month or better yet, this year gone too?? I need to start putting money back for the Oct/Nov birthday's and also for Christmas. My oldest son turns 18 next week on the 31st, I can't believe that its been 18 years! And then 2 weeks later my daughter turns 14. Its really crazy how the time seems to be flying by right now. And before the other 2 boys birthday's in Oct/Nov there is going to be a grandchild born in mid April or end of April...if he's not stuborn and comes sooner. My hubby's daughter is going to have her first child in April. So this year has a lot

20 Questions Every Married Couple Should Ask each other

According to Reder's is something worth reading. I myself am going through the list and want to sit down with DH. Feel free to discuss how it went. 20 Questions Every Married Couple Should Ask each other. (I just copied and pasted all the questions. They are not my words) 1. What have you learned to appreciate about me that you didn’t know when we first married? 2. What have you learned that irritates, upsets or frightens you? 3. Are you satisfied with the amount of time we spend together? The amount of time we spend separately? 4. Have we had any major life shocks? If so, what did we learn about ourselves, each other, our relationship? 5. What dreams or expectations did we have about married life? Which have been fulfilled and which have not? 6. What have I given up for you? How do I feel about it? 7. What have you given up for me? How do you feel? 8. At what times have we felt happiest together? 9. Is our sexual connection satisfying to you? To me? 10. How do

Survivor tonight

Tonight is Survivor, I keep thinking for some reason that it comes on Thursday nights so I missed it last week but the good news, I caught up with it tonight online so I am back up to speed on it and now I am ready for it to start in 30 minutes and I can't wait to see what happens this time. I love the show. I am so going for Rob this time. I am glad that they got Russell out and Rob is playing smart this time...and I love the entertainment that he's doing! LOL...   Do you watch Survivor and if you do, who are you wanting to win and who are you wanting to go home?   I want that nut Philip to go home! I can't stand him and he seems to be driving everyone nutty so hopefully they will get him out soon..of course the 2 girls that seems to think that its just a little getaway there and don't do any work, they can go home at any time too!

R.I.P. Elizabeth Taylor

I just heard that Elizabeth Taylor sad. She was such a star and a wonderful actress. Its sad to look back and think of all the stars through out the years that we have lost that I use to watch on tv back when I was a teenager, doesn't feel like that long ago even though it was 20+ years ago that I was a goodness am I really getting this old this fast? YIKES! I am only 38 years young! Thoughts and prayers going out to all of her family and friends. I hope that she went peacefully with her family and friends by her side if possible. You can click on the title and go read an article about her.

Charlie Sheen

So what is your opinion of Mr. Charlie Sheen? I think that yes he has issues/problems, but seriously who the heck doesn't? I mean really if you were to put yourself in his shoes or any other celebs shoes for that matter, I think that the media would drive me to where yes I would have more issues then I might already have. I can't imagine living like they do with hardly any privacy at all and being in the spot regardless if you really want to be or not. I feel for the celebs out there...all of them!   Anyway, I like Charlie, I think that he's a very talented and smart guy, maybe he just needs to hang out with a different group of friends? And I am thinking that this tour that he's doing will do him some good. Maybe it will get him away from all the crap and actually out there talking and chatting with people and getting to know new people and also get some things off of his chest? I wish him the best and yes if I had the chance to go and see him, I definitely woul


Today's Forecast 85° 62° Good Evening Tonight... Windy until late evening then Fair skies and winds decreasing to 10-20 Tomorrow... Sunny and mild with highs in the mild 70s. Northwest winds at 10-15 mph. I can't wait until it starts to storm...I love the thunderstorms where it just rains, thunders a little and has pretty lightening that doesn't do any relaxing to me.

I am a very proud mom

I am a very proud mom of my 4 kids. I love them more then anything in the world and will do anything for them including moving the earth if I needed too!! They are my life and the loves of my life.

Spring has sprung!

Yep spring has indeed sprung here :) Its 72 or so outside. Wish that we could open windows but ours don't have screens. I'm glad that spring is finally here, was sick of the cold. Although I have heard that its supposed to snow in NY overnight and a snow storm coming in for them on Wednesday as well?! Crazy weather!

Train blowing whistle!!

I am so sick of the freaking trains coming through here and blowing its whistles on week nights Sun-Thursday at all hours of the night/morning but yet on Friday and Saturday's they don't blow them past like 11pm!!! But on the week nights like tonight, there they are blowing them and not just for a minute...a few minutes! On and off and on and off!! Grr there should be something that they can't blow them but once and not after a certain time! Do they not know that 3/4 of the town is going to sleep or trying to go to sleep and that people have school and work in the morning????   I swear this town is worse then when we lived with the train tracks behind our house years and years ago and they didn't go by all hours of the night like they do here!! They went during the day and even then didn't blow the whistle this much and this loud!

Getting back into the swing of things tomorrow

Tomorrow I will be getting back into the swing of things, kids going back to school and me getting back into the routine and getting things done around the house and not getting so side tracked with the kids here and then will be getting sites and things updated and blog hops updated and such. My goal before I start training a week from tomorrow is to get my sites updated. And to stay active in groups...   Have a great evening and upcoming week

Sunday night shows

Getting ready to go watch my shows tonight...Amazing Race, Army Wives and then the end of Celeb Apprentice. I love Sunday nights, relaxing watching TV. At least they are descent shows. And the kids are getting in the tub early tonight and will be in bed early too! yay back to school for them tomorrow!!   Have a great evening and upcoming week.

Great weekend coming to an end way to fast!

So this weekend was pretty good, no I didn't get what I wanted, which was to hang out with my friends and go to a movie, bowling and out to eat etc but I did get to relax here at home and hang out online so that was fun too. I had a pretty good birthday was a good day, rough evening but its all good now...until Leon gets home! Hopefully he won't be that bad today and will behave his self! We will see.   I can't believe that the weekend is nearly over!! Its gone way way too fast! Only one more week until I start my training for my new job. I can't wait!! One week from tomorrow but close enough..I traded and decided to go ahead and do another client instead of the phone company so now I am going to be doing pest control..should be a lot easier and considering its training is only 11 days compared to 2 months I think that I will do better and get money coming in way quicker with this one too.