Almost Friday!!! YES!!

I am so glad that its almost Friday. Its usually always a good day when its a Friday. I have my orientation tomorrow night at 8 so that will be fun. Otherwise its going to be a late night tonight, going to wal-mart and getting a few things, maybe hitting the casino and then giving my oldest son who has a birthday next week money so in the morning when gamestop opens we can go up there and he can get what he's been wanting for a while xbox 360 yay!
Not a whole lot going on tomorrow but enough to where I am glad that its Friday!! After orientation tomorrow night I am sure that I will be wanting a strawberry daiquiri..just because I know that I have training starting next week and its in the evening...going to be challenging but the kids better get use to it for 11 days and behave or else they are going to be losing a lot of their entertainment.


  1. That would drive me nuts. I would probably move to another city. lol
    Following back now. Thanks for the follow. :)

  2. Very nice blog! Your newest follower from mbc.

  3. Mrs E and Madison, thank you both for following me, I will follow the both of you back :)


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