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Valentines Day is right around the corner

Good afternoon everyone. I wanted to share a few things with you all today.
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Good evening everyone. Well I had started this blog, WAY earlier today but kittens jumping around on the desk and everywhere, ended up closing out the browser and erasing what I had wrote, which was ALOT! Anyway, I am going to try to remember most of what I wrote earlier and try this again with the kittens in the other room sleeping, so they shouldn't come running in here anytime soon to jump on here and cause trouble again.

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008 Thoughts
Current mood: blah
Category: Life Hi everyone, just wanted to write a little for a few. Jesse got in after 5 today. She had homework and gave me her report card. Not to thrilled with it, the teacher made a comment saying that shes not turning in her work and/or homework and that is affecting her grades alot. Yea I would say so, she brought home a D and a U!! I don't get it, that girl studies here at home, I help her, with her spelling words every night until the test. Thats a routine and she does her homework here and I check it. I make her read a book a night, sometimes 2 but mostly 1 b/c were running out of books. We've gone through them so I am thinking when I can, I want to get the kids in a book club so that they can get new books every month. She needs more help though I th…

My Tuesday

My Tuesday
Category: Life Today was alright, not sure why, but I slept in today, guess I was more tired then I realized. I didn't go to bed to terribly late last night, a little after 1 or so which has been my norm for a week or so now.
Jared came home and then went to the little store to get some bread and a few more things. Then before we knew it, it was time for Sean to come home. He came in when I was talking to someone on the phone waiting for an answer about something, which she siad that she thought she finished before she went on the vacation but it looks like when she pulled it up that she didn't finish, so she said that she would work on it. THANK GOODNESS! GEEZ!
Sean came in, brought his report card to me and it was all good. He does awesome in school, I am sooo very proud of him. The teacher said that she was proud of him and that he focused and did a grea job with everything that he does. Way to…


Monday, January 07, 2008 Moody
Current mood: moody
Category: Life Today was alright, I didn't get done what I needed to b/c people just wouldn't freaking coroporate today! After all its a Monday what the hell do I expect. I called the school a million times trying to get through and couldn't get ahold of the person that I needed to talk to, so theres always tomorrow I guess.
Didn't get ahold of another person that I needed to get ahold of today, called and no one answered there, its like they are still on freaking vacation! Hope that they enjoy there freaking vacation!!
The kids got home and every one of them had homework so I helped them with it and then Jared and Leon went to Dollar General to get a few things since Jared has a report due and needed poster board. He still has a week or so to do i…

Back to school for the kiddos

Monday, January 07, 2008 Back to school for the kiddos
Current mood: awake
Category: Life

Good morning everyone. I am up and going. Didn't get hardly any sleep last night. Was up playing Jin on Pogo with Jill (had a blast!!) until about 1 or a little bit after. I almost got my badge...woohoo..going back this morning to finish it. Layed down in bed, tossed and turned, tv on, Nick at Nite as usual. Fresh Prince on, love that show. I layed there and layed and layed there some more til 3 or so and finally dozed off. Mind roaming to much, almost got up and was going to come in here and blog, but finally fell asleep. Had to get kids up this morning. Got Jared up, hes off to school safe and sound. Called the school to tell them about his attendance, they are saying that he missed a different number of days in some of his classes then…