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Proud of my son!! He is a base in Boys Choir

I am very  proud of my youngest son Sean who is now in middle school and got put in Boys choir since the other classes he wanted was full. Well it turns out that he likes the boys choir. I knew that he would the minute that he told me about it Thursday because he likes to sing, dance, and act and all that. He's very talented when it comes to the art of singing, acting and drawing..awesome artist! So today was his "try out" so to speak in choir and he was determined to be a Base and he said that he got a 1 out of 20 which 1 was the best. So happy,excited and proud of him!! Congrats Sean!

5 day forecast - cooling off somewhat!

5 Day Forecast Updated: Aug 13, 2012, 10:06am CDT Today Aug 13 98 °F 66 °F Sunny CHANCE OF RAIN: 0%   WIND: N at 12 mph Details Tue Aug 14 92 ° 68 ° Mostly Cloudy CHANCE OF RAIN: 20%   WIND: ENE at 13 mph Details Wed Aug 15 90 ° 74 ° Isolated T-Storms CHANCE OF RAIN: 30%   WIND: SSE at 12 mph Details Thu Aug 16 95 ° 72 ° Isolated T-Storms CHANCE OF RAIN: 30%   WIND: S at 10 mph Details Fri Aug 17 90 ° 67 ° Isolated T-Storms CHANCE OF RAIN: 30%   WIND: N at 8 mph Details 10 Day Forecast

Monday morning

Good Monday morning, I am back on a normal schedule thank goodness!! I went to bed last night after Army Wives and got up this morning a little before 6 so maybe tonight around 6 I won't be tired and wanting to go to bed like I was for the past week.   What do you do when you can't sleep or to get back on a normal sleep schedule?

If I could turn back time......


Good Sunday afternoon....

Having a nice are actually being have and quiet getting along..which is a great thing! Roast leftovers today for one else wants it but I have had 2 plates already! Yummy! Getting ready to do a work project that was given to me yesterday but I didn't see it until late yesterday afternoon so I told him I would have it to him by today..haven't got much of it done yet..takes time so I guess I get better get to it if I want to relax and watch my two shows tonight...Drop Dead Diva and Army Wives.