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Blogs not posting from email!! Grr!

Dang I miss all of my fonts and things that I had before my laptop decided to not let me on about 2 weeks ago!! UGH! Now I have to go and find the cool fonts again..what a pain in the butt!
And for some reason its not posting the blogs that I send from my emails so yet again that is slowing me down and not getting things in that I should of been for the Summer and other blog challenge that I'm doing..didn't look on my blog until the other day to see that they aren't going there and posting like they should...stupid thing!


Testing yet again...

How can you cheat on someone you claim to love?

I just heard about Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinson yesterday and I can't believe that she did that!! I mean ok I get it sometimes people do stupid things, even celebs they are only human too..but when you are with someone that you love? How can you do that?
If I was with someone that I loved, I have been before and I didn't cheat on them, no reason too!! I am with the one that I love then why do something stupid that you will regret later?? I just don't get it..I feel bad for him...they are such a cute couple and I really thought that they had chemistry in the twilight movies and that is what made me love them both but now this..ridiculous! 
And especially her being a celeb, did she not think that it would come out? Did she really think that someone wouldn't be following her and get pics somehow?? Crazy!
Just my opinion...

Testing from email

Testing from email to see if it works...

Summer Blog - day 24 - What's a band that you've been listening to and liking lately?

Bon Jovi is my all time fave with Journey and Poison/Bret Michaels ...LOVE most 80s music...