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Bus driver driving drunk w/ kids on bus not charged!!!

This is some thing that I saw on HLN earlier today and am pissed off about it!!! So this bus driver (didn't catch where here in the US) was driving drunk 3 times the alcohol limit with kids on board the bus!!! He/She doesn't get pulled over/busted for about a week!!!! And better yet (being very sarcastic) the driver isn't charged b/c of no evidence or likely there of evidence or some BS like that someone said on HLN earlier!!!! EXCUSE ME?!!!! The driver has the nerve of not only putting innocent children's lives in danger from being an absolute IDIOT and drinking on the job but with KIDS on board and then doesn't get busted for about a week and then NOT CHARGED??? OMG they better of fired that person or else people have some SERIOUS ISSUES!!!!!!! If I would of found out that MY child was on the bus of a person who was freaking drinking 3 times the legal amount of alcohol I would so be suing that person!!!!!!! Thank goodness that nothing extremely bad happened b

Mystery Shopping - Real or a Scam???

Ok now let me just say this coming from a person who has been on both ends of the mystery shopping experience. Yes its very very real. Yes not only does retail stores have real mystery shoppers coming into the store to shop and give there review, but so does fast food places.   I know this because I have been on both sides. I have worked for a fast food place and I know for a fact that the companies hire companies to hire you to become mystery shoppers for them. And this doesn't happen in just big huge cities or mid cities, anywhere that there is a fast food or retail chain there is probably a chance that there is going to be a mystery shopper needed for that business.   Now I have worked for a food place and have had mystery shoppers come there and then I have been the mystery shopper. I have done both the retail and fast food shops. Yes the fast food shops are cheaper sometimes to do but you can get great deals with the retail stores too and usually the purchase doesn

watch very short ads and get paid!!

Hey there everyone, Check this out Join my village today :) You can watch very short 10 second or so ads and get paid for it!! And the cool thing is everyone in your family can join and get paid as long as they are 13+, Isn't that pretty cool so now you can get your kids making extra money on here too!! I think that is pretty awesome. Its free to join see ya in my village

Great garage sale deals this morning

Since hubby woke me up at 7 this morning I decided to get up about 7:30 and then decided to go out to a couple of garage sales so I woke y daughter up and we left and went to 2 garage sales, to Love's to get gas, to goodwill, dollar general, Sonic and then home. We had a good time. I absolutely love the bacon egg and cheese toasters and got a sonic blast!! Enjoyed it a lot.   Got some great deals on stuff and now I am trying to get into the mood of working a couple of hours this afternoon and then relaxing and drinking my adult strawberry cool aid tonight...

Turned $50 of free play into 5 times that!!

So I decided what the heck since I got a card in the mail that said come in today and trade your players card for a new upgraded card and get $40 free play! But it said this time to do it only on Fri/Sat from 2-10pm which was good for me because last time I missed out on the $25 free play because I went in and got my card on a day when they wouldn't do the free play it was like Sun-Wed or something...anyway it turned out for the best that I waited   So I went up there around 2:30ish or so and got my free $40, well I went to play a wheel of fortune game that I like and my card said that I had $45 on it (I always get a $5 free play once per week) and then come to find out my card had reached 500 points so that turned into $5 so I had a total of $50 free play!! I didn't spend any of my money!! Woohoo!!   So I went to the wheel of fortune played $5 of the free play and won $10-15 cashed out and went to another game and put another $5 of free play on it and won a little mor

First week of May nearly gone with the wind

This has been quiet the month/week already. Stress doesn't even begin to really begin to say what is going on around here. I swear when it rains, it pours!! but of course we all know that and have been there and done that and know that some how someway this too shall pass.... Was planning to go the lake and or eat out or something like that for Mother's day Sunday..not to sure what is going to happen now..change of plans come and go..

Hawaii is now paying over $6 a gallon for gas!!!!!!!

I just heard on the radio that Hawaii is now paying over $6 a gallon for gas!!! I can't believe that I mean I can but can't at the same time!! Its nearly $4 here and thats bad enough but 2 more dollars!! YIKES! Guess I won't be moving there anytime soon geez!!! I would definitely be looking into public transit if I was anywhere near that much a gallon b/c thats just completely and utterly ridiculous and not to mention the fact that I thought that they said that the cost of oil per barrel went down $2?? Then why on earth is the gas going up if the price per barrel is going down? I thought that if the barrel price went down so did our price of gas? Geez guess not!! Ridiculous!!!

Can you believe its May already??

Kind of hard to believe that its May already. Almost the first week of May gone!! Its the time of the year for graduations and then summer stuff like a trip to the lake and to the pool and barbques and all sorts of fun things. I am looking forward to it but not the hot summer..I could deal with 70s all year and I would be happy! Wanting to take a short family road trip this year...but not sure we can pull that off just yet so we will wait and see. Everyone is growing up so fast....time flies and before we know it, school will be out for the summer and then back up to starting again. Then it will hit the holidays and be next year!! Wow where in the world has this year gone so far??  Have a great rest of the first week of May everyone. I am looking SO forward to the weekend. My plans have changed and we will be probably staying home for the weekend and I will be enjoying my adult cool aid called Strawberry Daiquiri Friday and Saturday night!

3rd day of May - no rain yay!!

So it was nice out today yay! Got a few things done, never seems like I get all of what I want done done but some of it at least. I worked my butt off and got my recruiters up and going so that's a great thing. I just don't get why some people tell you what you want to hear like oh yea I want to work I can't wait to start etc etc and then once you send them the work to do, you don't hear from them in a couple days!! So the least that you could let someone know something that your not going to be in for the rest of the week or that your taking off for whatever reason or whatever but damn at least have the courtesy of letting someone know what is going on .. ugh!!  I am glad that I found a few great people though that already have candidates and are pre-screening them and hopefully will be sending them to me soon and letting me do a short interview with them and then send them to the hiring manager who will hopefully  get them in for an interview and hire them! I

Another stormy day for the month of May

Its another stormy 2nd day of May. I had to get up and out at freaking 5:50 this morning out in the pouring down rain and not only once but TWICE!!! No fun!!! I had to take Leon to work since he couldn't even walk a couple of blocks to work in the pouring down rain and then an hour later around 7:20ish I had to get out again and drop off 2 kids at the school that is only a few blocks away and then drive my youngest to his school across town...getting out in the rain is no freaking fun that early in the morning especially!!!!

First day of May - a very stormy one!!

Well our first day of May was filled with fun and joy...NOT! We had thunderstorms that started in around 4-5am and didn't stop until later in the evening. Storming ALL day and knocked out the electricity for a little while. Long enough for me and 3 kids to take a nap! We were sitting in the front room talking up a storm and then we got quiet and sleepy after snacking and playing games. We all took a nice relaxing nap. We did have plans to go out of town and go out to eat at a buffet but because of the icky weather that was a no go so we just hung out at home.