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Blog Tour for I've Been Looking For You

I've Been Looking For You by Jennifer Dean Genre: YA Contemporary
MAX: The new girl, the sarcastic asshole, the one who avoids getting attached to anyone.

EMILY: The golden girl, the rule-abiding rebel, the one who unknowingly craves something more.
When fate brings the two girls together, life seemed to fall into place. Until their future plans are shattered the moment someone leaves drugs inside Max's school locker. 
While Max inevitably loses hope of escaping her new grim reality, Emily struggles to move on without the one she loves most. Especially when she’s the only one determined to find answers. But the closer Emily gets to discovering the truth, the harder it will be to stop her pursuit, even when it leads to dangerous consequences.

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I was never that child you found in the corner reading. In fact, I loathed the idea of picking up a book. The activity seemed more of a chore than a past time. All that changed when my brother began talking to me about the newe…

Blog Tour for The Peradon Series

Phoenix The Peradon Fantasy Series Book 1 by Daccari Buchelli Genre: YA Fantasy 
No power is greater than the one you’re willing to sacrifice. 

Princess Violetta Flame lives her life according to rule, but those rules require her to pay a heavy price. Haunted by a devastating loss, she longs for freedom. When a handsome ruler takes a special interest in her, she senses greater things lie ahead, but behind the handsome façade lies a dark secret – one that can usurp her efforts and cast her back into the life she detested.
The throne was never promised to Emperor Ryore Frost, but now that he has ultimate power, his world is filled with possibilities. Citizens bow at his feet, but their fleeting adoration is no match for his obsession with the young Flame Princess. As his feelings for the staunchly independent princess grow, a new threat emerges, bent on undermining his efforts and betraying his sensibilities.
When past tragedies, malevolent behaviour, and strong wills collide, which will reign…

Tour and Giveaway for Winner Take All

About the Book  Title: Winner Take All Author: Mary Rodgers Genre: Contemporary Romance Hot shot skier and unrepentant party girl Carly Carrington is on top of the world until a disastrous crash destroys her championship dreams. Can she lower her guard long enough to trust the one man who might be able to heal her body...and her heart?
When it comes to sports doctors, buttoned-up Paul Blackburn is the best of the best. But when Carly upends his carefully ordered little world, will Paul fight his one chance at true love, or go for the gold in… WINNER TAKE ALL.

Author Bio
A career performer and storyteller, Mary was the keyboardist and lead vocalist in an all-female rock band for a number of years, and has acted in leading roles in plays and musicals across the globe.

Her first screenplay, Common Ground, was a finalist in the Moondance International Film Festival competition, and she is a member of the Screen Actor's Guild/AFTRA and the New York chapter of Women in Film and Television.

An a…

Blog Tour for Detective Blanchette Mysteries

Her Final Watch A Detective Blanchett Mystery Book 2 by Marguerite Ashton Genre: Mystery, Thriller
Speaking second-hand truths can be deadly …

Detective Lily Blanchette will stop at nothing to solve a murder. Her current case involves the killing of an undercover cop working to bring down the mob for prostitution and drugs.
But Lily's usual laser-like focus on the case has been disrupted.
Two weeks earlier, she learned she was pregnant by her murderous husband whom she'd killed in self-defense. Unsure whether to keep her baby or place the child of this cruel man up for adoption, Lily keeps the pregnancy a secret from her colleagues.
Under mounting pressure to solve the case, Lily arranges a sit-down with a local mob boss only to find out her suspect is also wanted by them. But before Lily can warn her team, she and her new partner, Jeremiah, are shot at, and another body is found.
When she discovers Jeremiah has a connection with the underworld, she is pulled into a conflict that swirl…

Release Blitz for Christmas Calamity

Title: Christmas Calamity Genre: Holiday Romance, RomCom Cover Designer: Dark Water Covers Hosted by: Lady Amber's PR Blurb: Jane Grant hates Christmas because every year a new calamity awaits… Jane’s being exiled from the Big Apple to Big Sky Country for the holiday season to help her boss’s best friend save his family’s ranch. She’s trading boardrooms for pastures and meetings for family gatherings. Unfortunately, her job is on the line a, and her luck has run out. Colt Jackson is a hard working single dad at the end of his rope When he breaks down and asks his best friend for some help in hopes of saving his family’s legacy for his son, he never imagined his friend would send a prim and proper, walking, talking catastrophe his way. With the holiday season throwing snowballs their way, will Jane and Colt be able to dodge them long enough to get the job done and the go their separate ways? Or will each Christmas Calamity change their luck for the better? I spend my days working, my eveni…

Blog Tour for Flowers in Winter

Flowers in Winter Hart of Rock and Roll Book 5 by Mary J. Williams Genre: Contemporary Romance

Tula Carson knows what her future holds. A good life. A secure life. Safe. Steady. Boring. She has no one to blame but herself. She chose the path she's on. But, she wants something more. Something different. Now. Before it's too late.
Fleet Sherman is a Rock God. And he isn't afraid to enjoy the perks. Money. Fame. Beautiful women. As far as he's concerned, his life is perfect. Until he meets smart, funny, talented, frustrating Tula Carson. The one woman he can't resist. The only woman he can't have.
On the surface, Tula and Fleet seem worlds apart. She grew up loved. He just wants to forget his childhood. She's led a sheltered life. He's experienced everything life had to offer. Yet, from their first meeting, they clicked.
Tula has a chance to fulfill her dreams. But the first step is always the hardest. Will she jump, or play …

My Journey, my story

Hi everyone, I want to share some of my story of being on my own that might help or inspire others to do the same and know it can be done!
I know that there are a lot of single women and moms out there and sometimes you might think that you just can’t do things on your own and you have kids to take care of, the house, working and whatever else and you just start to feel overwhelmed.
I get that, I’ve been there and done that! And there is one thing that I’ve learned from being on my own and taking care of everything that is on my shoulders and feeling overwhelmed…you can do it!!
Take a little time even just a few minutes a day right after you get up or maybe right before bed for yourself just to relax and not stress over what needs to be done or what should have been done etc.
You can do this on your own!! There are thousands of us that have been there and made it through just fine. Yes, it can get stressful not saying it won’t be and yes it is hard until you get your feet firmly on the g…