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Blue Lagoon - Awakening

So who else is going to watch the premiere of this tonight on Lifetime?? Or am I the only one?? LOL   Not to long ago I watched Blue Lagoon both the first one and the second one and I liked them...weird that they have been out forever and I am just now seeing them! Doing a lot of first this year!   I can't wait to see it, fixing to eat and then I will be ready to watch the movie..can't wait!  

Summer Blog Challenge - Day 16 - Fitness guru or couch potato? Talk about your fitness habits.

-Fitness guru or couch potato A mixture of both...I have been getting out and walking around more but by no means am I working out everyday or anything like that. I haven't gone to the gym and worked out either. I don't like getting out there in public and working out, I have done it a little in the comfort of my own home though...I am going to be getting all of us bicycles again soon and I was thinking about getting me one too..I don't know or I might just stick to the walking and jogging.. If you have a fitness workout that you do, good job! I am just not one to get into one but I admire the ones that do.

Behind on blogs!!

Good morning, I am behind on blogging but will catch up today....still tired after being up from 10pm Thursday night until about 3-4 am this morning and then getting up at 10 this morning!! Yea its all catching up with me and I really really want a nap! Hate feeling like crap, at least I feel better but I hate feeling anything other then 100%! I am going to be sharing pictures of the sky on here too..Love the clouds and how beautiful they are!  

Blog Dare - Day 16- A childhood friend

Blog Dare – Day 16 – A childhood friend I love all of my childhood friends. Some I have kept in touch with and some I have recently this year got in touch with some of them, regardless they have never left my heart and thoughts. I treasure my friends, they were and still are always there for me and I am so thankful for each and every one of them. They are the true friends, the ones that are from our childhood but still somehow look around and find you on facebook or find your email or call you out of the blue.

What a Friday!!

So this morning things start out rough with not getting the money in my bank on time...then that led to a very  busy morning of running late and getting things taken care of..I still swear its a Monday! And ended my afternoon with getting Leon's gym membership started which cost more then what we planned but went ahead and did it...Happy early Father's day to him! Not only did it cost more then we figured but she double charged us!! So that was $76x2 which sucked because that left me with only $50! Ugh!! And here it is after 5 and still not back in my account! I called her the minute that I got home, checked my account and saw that it was charged twice! And she said that she voided the first sale so it should be back in my account...well its not! Ugh!! So hopefully soon it will be back in there or if not I'm going to be more ticked then I already am! GRR!

Summer Blog Challenge - Day 15- Post a pic your proud of

I am proud of every picture that I have taken, most proud of the ones that I have taken of my kids...they are the ones that I cherish the most, my kids and friends. I will have to find one and post soon..there are a few of the sky that I was proud of .. Such beautiful clouds out in the peaceful sky....

Being sick sucks!

Still feel like crap! Being sick really sucks!! I never get sick but when I do it takes a lot out of me...So I was out of commission all day today....been asleep most of the day..still fixing to go back to bed...tired of laying down but when I sit up not feeling that great..have a great Friday everyone.

Blog Dare Challenge - Day 15 - My Childhood Home

Blog Dare Day 15 My Childhood Home… Is one that wasn’t that great…I had a step dad that loved me and cared about me but as far as my mom, whatever! Let’s just say that I couldn’t wait to go to school everyday and hated summer! I didn’t get to go hang out with friends and do things like most kids do. I was treated different because I look like my bio dad and not my mom. I don’t even know my bio dad. I didn’t find out who he was until I was 30!! So yea my childhood home sucked..hated it! And that’s why I was staying with my friends and then out on my own before 18! I am so grateful and thankful to my friends and there families for bringing me into their lives and into there homes and treating me like family more then my own. I felt more comfortable with my friends then at home!

Summer Blog Challenge - Day 14- 15 tips to get you through life

-15 tips to get you through life 1. Embrace every new day that you are lucky enough to get. Don't take it for granted, we aren't promised tomorrow. 2. Tell those special loved ones in your life that you love them and how you feel. Don't hold back..just let it out! 3. Don't go to bed angry. 4. Be positive and stay away from things and people that are negative. 5. Smile 6. Live your life for you, don't worry about what others say or think or what you might think that they are thinking or saying, it doesn't matter, what you think of yourself and how you feel about yourself is the only thing that matters. 7. Treat others like you want to be treated. 8. Breathe....stop and smell the roses..don't get so wound up in the everyday routine of things that everyday you don't see or go somewhere new... 9. Enjoy the small things and moments in life 10. Appreciate your friends and take time for them as they have for you.

Blog Dare Challenge - Day 13 June - If I were in charge..

Hmm, so today's blog dare challenge is if I were in charge...well I am in charge of a lot of things right now..but lets see...   If I was in charge of lets just say this town that I live in...I would do some adjusting to where there is NO way that we would be spending over a million dollars on a new high school (they did this last year) with mostly windows!! I understand that we need a new high school, I agree with that but there was no reason in my eyes spending over a million dollars on a building out in the boonies!!! Still in our town but out in the boonies with mostly windows and from what I heard from the kids no basement or anywhere for the kids to go in case of a storm/tornado etc. We have tornadoes around here a lot!! We are use to it and we are used to having a lot of storms as well so that is why I don't understand or get that they spent all that Money on the school but yet they have it with a ton of glass windows all over it? Wouldn't that be the l

Summer Blog Challenge - Day 13 - How you see yourself by the end of the year.

How do I see myself by the end of the year....good one!   I see myself happy with life. I see myself moving along with my college and getting even closer to my Real Estate license that I am going for. I see myself also moving up in my career getting more customer service experience and working and loving it!   I see myself being a new single mom, its going to be challenging but I have been through rougher things in my life and I am looking forward to any challenges that come my way.   I see myself as having all of my goals and then some done. I am very proud of myself right now for all of the goals that I made at the beginning of the year that I have already completed or got going.   I will be the same person that I am now but changing in a lot of different ways, all good.   I feel that this year is a great year so far and its only going to get better!

College, work and everyday life...

Still up and in a blogging mood since there is so much on my mind and I am sitting here listening to music and trying to sleep but can't do anything but toss and turn so blogging time it is!! College is going great! I love my two courses that I am taking. One of them is a little more challenging but its ok I am moving along just fine. It just kind of sucks that there is only 5 total grades and the final that's it! I wish that there was more but nope that's all .. So oh well! Love it though. I like learning new things and especially in the Real Estate field. I enjoy it so much and have ever since the first day a little 3 years or so ago that I first got the chance to work virtually with a real estate firm. I was a short sale negotiator and Exec. Admin..loved it!! I love working and especially in the real estate and customer service fields that I enjoy..very fortunate to like the work that I do. Not everyone can say that they like there job or love there job, I am

Can't sleep!! Again!

I don't know what in the world is my problem but for the past week or so I haven't been able to get to sleep on time for nothing!!   One night I did good went to bed around 9 and then I got a call on my cell around 11 and that night it woke me up and ever since have been on a very crappy sleep schedule!   I hate not being on a regular schedule!   And what gets me is that I have things on my mind but they aren't stressful things really, just everyday life things that are good, not bad and not stressful so why on earth can't I get back on a regular sleeping schedule?? Ugh!!   If anyone has any ideas they want to share to getting back on a reg sleeping schedule please share!    

Private Money Structuring Video

2-year old recovers after heart stops beating for 39 minutes!!

This is an absolutely amazing story!!! Here's the link to read about it ... here

Property open for Public Showing in Salem, OR

BIDDING ON THIS PROPERTY STARTS AT $12,000  Property open for Public Showing Dates: June 15th 5PM to 6:30PM  and Saturday June 16th, 2012 12N to 1:30PM  PROPERTY LOCATION: 3418 Robert Ave NE Salem, OR 97301 VISIT CALL TODAY 503-980-1448 For More Information about this property view the video presentation listed below . Eci Properties LLC is providing you with pictures of the property 

Summer Blog Challenge - Day 12 - Worst injury you've had & how it happened.

The worst injury I've had and how it happened...hmm, well I was a little kid...maybe 8-9 and I was helping my mom putting up dishes and a glass coffee cup fell out of the cabinet and I don't know if it just hit my knee and cut me or if it hit the cabinet broke and then hit my knee either way it hit my knee and cut it open pretty good. For whatever reason my mom decided that it wasn't that bad even though it was wide open! You could look and tell that it needed stitches but for whatever reason she didn't want to take me to the doctor or hospital and just let it alone and now I have a scar for life from it because she didn't take me to get stitches! Here's a pic of it...  

Blog Dare - Day 12 - I can't believe that I....

I can't believe that I am so less stressed and doing good in my life. I am making changes for the best in my life. For the best interest of my kids and myself. This year I can't believe that I am actually doing for me.   I am getting my career in check doing my customer service that I love, and being promoted to a staffing manager which is awesome!! And that I am in college taking courses to get my Real Estate license!! I can't believe that I am doing so awesome and its for myself. I feel that I have done for my kids all of these years, they are now teens., youngest 13 1/2 and oldest 19 so they don't need my everyday 24/7 attention so I am taking the time for me and doing things for me to better myself this year. That was the main goal for this year and I am doing it and then some.   Being promoted to Staffing Manager is an awesome thing doing something that you love. And releasing the people in your life that have caused so much stress...most of my fa

Summer Blog Challenge - Day 11 - Best day of your life.

The best day of my each of my children being born...the other best day of my life before children were around was the day that I met one of my best friends and first love...we were at the high school bus stop in my neighborhood and he came walking up and we started talking and just clicked from there and have remained best of friends ever since

Blog Dare - Day 11 June - Showing my age.

So the blog dare for today is showing my age. Well I think that age is just a number and it doesn't define you...I hate the age thing! LOL... I don't think that I am showing my age like I thought I would be...I am still plenty young at heart and feeling healthy. I am a mom of omg Four teenagers!! LOL..and I still have hair, not bald yet and no none of them are grey...yet! LOL... This year I have done a lot of changes dealing with life in a whole and I think that having less stress can definitely help with the age thing! Also being that I have never done any drugs or drank in my earlier years, I think that has something to do with me feeling healthy too. I do drink now and again..little more then I use to considering I only drank on new years and 4th of July if that and that was only a wine cooler. These days I do drink a strawberry daiquiri now and again but I am not a heavy drinker and can't stand to drink more then 2 at a time if that! I make my own and

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Summer Blog Challenge - Day 10 - Cost aside, famous art piece you would have in your home.

                  With all cost aside, I would love a portrait of the Mona Lisa Smile

Blog Dare - Day 10 June - Words my children say incorrectly.

Well my kids are teens so they don't really say any words incorrectly...I know boring blog but they don't...when I'm little I'm sure that they did and they were silly kids coming up with all sorts of things making me smile and laugh but right now can't think of anything.