Blog Dare - Day 12 - I can't believe that I....

I can't believe that I am so less stressed and doing good in my life. I am making changes for the best in my life. For the best interest of my kids and myself. This year I can't believe that I am actually doing for me.
I am getting my career in check doing my customer service that I love, and being promoted to a staffing manager which is awesome!! And that I am in college taking courses to get my Real Estate license!! I can't believe that I am doing so awesome and its for myself. I feel that I have done for my kids all of these years, they are now teens., youngest 13 1/2 and oldest 19 so they don't need my everyday 24/7 attention so I am taking the time for me and doing things for me to better myself this year. That was the main goal for this year and I am doing it and then some.
Being promoted to Staffing Manager is an awesome thing doing something that you love. And releasing the people in your life that have caused so much stress...most of my family, I have let them go. They might be blood but that is the only thing that they are! There is one cousin, maybe two that I have something to do with and my grandmother, but the others...they just aren't worth all the stress that they cause..the BS drama!! I despise drama and don't want in the middle of it and definitely don't want my kids to have the extra stress and drama in there lives either and since I have cut the cord with the family so to speak its been a lot more relaxed and less stressful around here!
So I can't believe that I have actually done more then what I set my goals at this year and its going good and will only get better!!


  1. I have recently been making changes to my life and it has amazed me how much my stress has gone down (or maybe my ability to management my stress has gone up) and how much better I feel. It is amazing the effect that little changes can make.


  2. Exactly!!! It feels great doesn't it? Good luck to you with the changes your making in your life :) I am following you :) Have a great rest of the week.


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