What a Friday!!

So this morning things start out rough with not getting the money in my bank on time...then that led to a very  busy morning of running late and getting things taken care of..I still swear its a Monday! And ended my afternoon with getting Leon's gym membership started which cost more then what we planned but went ahead and did it...Happy early Father's day to him! Not only did it cost more then we figured but she double charged us!! So that was $76x2 which sucked because that left me with only $50! Ugh!! And here it is after 5 and still not back in my account! I called her the minute that I got home, checked my account and saw that it was charged twice! And she said that she voided the first sale so it should be back in my account...well its not! Ugh!! So hopefully soon it will be back in there or if not I'm going to be more ticked then I already am! GRR!


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