Blog Dare - Day 11 June - Showing my age.

So the blog dare for today is showing my age. Well I think that age is just a number and it doesn't define you...I hate the age thing! LOL...
I don't think that I am showing my age like I thought I would be...I am still plenty young at heart and feeling healthy.
I am a mom of omg Four teenagers!! LOL..and I still have hair, not bald yet and no none of them are grey...yet! LOL...
This year I have done a lot of changes dealing with life in a whole and I think that having less stress can definitely help with the age thing! Also being that I have never done any drugs or drank in my earlier years, I think that has something to do with me feeling healthy too. I do drink now and again..little more then I use to considering I only drank on new years and 4th of July if that and that was only a wine cooler. These days I do drink a strawberry daiquiri now and again but I am not a heavy drinker and can't stand to drink more then 2 at a time if that! I make my own and love my one that I make nice and just strong enough but not too strong.
I am almost to the point of hitting a milestone..but I feel like I have a lot of life left to go and a lot of years to go as well..
I can say that this is really one of my less favorite blog challenge topics!
Have a great rest of the week everyone!


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