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Book Tour for Penchant for Vengeance

About the Book
Title: Penchant for Vengeance Author: Robert Downs Genre: Mystery Charlottesville, Virginia, Police Detective Luke McGinty has a closet filled with demons, along with a few skeletons; a steady job, but no steady partner or girlfriend; and is still married to his wife Sallie, even though she’s been dead for three years. Then his detective work takes a turn for the worse when a body is discovered at the downtown mall. One dead body isn’t enough, though, and another one turns up. When ties to a cold murder case in another county present themselves, Luke realizes that, if he doesn’t tread carefully, he could end up short more than just a few answers…
Author Bio
Robert Downs aspired to be a writer before he realized how difficult the writing process was. Fortunately, he'd already fallen in love with the craft, otherwise his stories might never have seen print. Originally from West Virginia, he has lived in Virginia, Massachusetts, New Mexico, and now resides in California. Whe…

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Cover Reveal for Ace by Laramie Briscoe

Title: Ace A Moonshine Task Force Series Novel Author: Laramie Briscoe Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Kari Ayasha, Cover to Cover Designs
Photo: Wander Aguiar
Model: Colton Release Date: January 12, 2018

Ace is saving lives and mending hearts.......

Anthony “Ace” Bailey

I’m not a rules kinda guy

Department Policy? Kinda sucks, but I do what I have to for the job that I love.
Playing it safe? Not my thing.
Married? No big deal when I know she’s unhappy and scared.

I’m one of those guys – a sniper in the military, a little bit of an adrenaline junkie, and a member of the Moonshine Task Force. I’ve lived through some shit.

My gut has never failed me. It’s my sixth-sense. Warning me of a gunshot coming my way, of a traffic stop being potentially deadly, or the tingling in the back of my neck when I go to sleep telling me I’ll be woken up by a call in the middle of the night. My gut has always kept me honest.

Like the day I walked into The Café and saw the new waitress. There was a…

Trump Tried to Push Senators to End Russia Investigation

And just how much more of this are we supposed to sit here and take?  So it wasn't enough that he fired the FBI director Comey & then went on a tv interview and admitted the Russia investigation is the reason behind him firing him but then he is going to Senators and asking them to drop the investigation or do whatever they can to make the story go away?! Are you flipping for real? No one should be able to do the things that he has done without paying consequences which are Obstruction of Justice and that needs to be looked at now!

Hopefully, Mueller, I'm sure is looking into this and those things because that is clearly Obstructing Justice when you are trying to persuade people to do what is in your best interest!

What are you hiding? Why is it so important for you to get people to drop this story? Clearly, it's not going anywhere. There are people that have been indicted and people charged with crimes and this is just the tip of the iceberg! 

Things will come out in ful…

Brain Specialist Says Trump Showing Signs Of Degenerative Brain Disease

I think that anyone that has the signs of something is wrong such as the POTUS needs to go have themselves checked out. And what really shocks me, is that he own family isn't more concerned about the signs that he has shown and isn't telling him to go get checked. Really sad!

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Bernie Is Right – Trump Should Resign Over Assault Allegations

He's right and we should call upon him to resign since that is the right thing to do when people have been fired and resigned for lesser things. This idiot bragged about what he's done! How completely disgusting is that? And yet there he still sits in office. That is disgusting!! He has lawsuits against him for the actions that he's done against women and it's not just one or two, it's 17 I believe is the last count. 17 women have lawsuits against that jerk and what punishment has he gotten? None! That is despicable and needs to change now!!

He needs to resign and the sooner the better! We need to call upon him to step down just like we've called upon the others that have allegations against them too. He is no different than any of the other men that have allegations against them.

LISA-QUEEN OF RANDOM claims no credit for any images posted on this site unless otherwise noted. Images on this blog are copyright to its respectful owners. If there is an image a…

Blog Tour for Secrets

Secrets? Stockholm Sleuth Series Book 2 by Christer Tholin Genre: Mystery Crime Thriller
"Dammit! She’d made a huge mistake. She’d never make it out of here - they were going to kill her."

In the crime novella SECRETS?, fledgling private investigator Elin Bohlander takes on what looks like an easy assignment — at first: to determine if her client’s boyfriend is having an affair with another woman. To do this, Elin follows him to a secluded cabin in the woods, where she soon discovers that what’s actually transpiring is stranger than anyone thought. Having ventured too far, she’s stumbled upon a hornet’s nest and put her life at risk. But it’s too late. Can Elin win the unequal fight against a gang of brutal child molesters?
SECRETS? is the second, standalone book from Christer Tholin’s Stockholm Sleuth Series. In the previous novel VANISHED?, Elin and her colleague Lars solve their first case together. If you like fast-paced action and surprising twists and turns, then you will lov…


About the Book Title: Just Like The Bronte Sisters Author: Laurel Osterkamp Genre: Women’s Fiction Sisters Skylar and Jo Beth adore skiing and they virtually share the same soul. After an accident, Jo Beth flees to Brazil, leaving Skylar behind in Colorado to obsessively read the Brontë sisters. While abroad, Jo Beth meets Mitch and her life takes some unexpected turns, until tragedy leads free-spirited Mitch right into Skylar’s empty arms. With their Heathcliff/Catherine romance in full swing, Skylar wants to trust Mitch, but did he harm her sister? Loving Mitch could make Skylar lose everything. Just Like the BrontëSisters is an unconventional romantic page-turner inspired by Daphne du Maurier’s My Cousin Rachel, full of magical realism, literary references, a ghost, and some healthy doses of suspense. 

Author Bio Laurel Osterkamp is a Kindle Scout/award-winning author of women’s fiction and suspense. Her “day job” is as at Columbia Heights High School, where she teaches creative writing…