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Good Friday everyone, enjoy it!

Another week has passed us by … another week that you are alive and breathing and still making it through this sometimes rough world that we live in. There is so much chaos going on around us. So much violence that happens and doesn’t need too! So many innocent lives being lost daily. So many people out there being corrupt and selfish! With all the negativity around us we just have to shine through and make sure that the positive overrides the negativity of things sometimes. And yes, sometimes it is very hard to put on that smiling face but, sometimes we just have to and keep moving forward. This year, in my opinion at this moment in my life has been rough. I’ve lost a best friend and first true love. He was the love of my life as a best friend and rock that I leaned on no matter what! We weren’t together as a couple but, we were best of friends and could tell each other any and everything and that is something that I will forever treasure!! This just happened a few week

Good Thursday -enjoy the day!

      Good Thursday everyone, wishing you all the best day 😊 Sometimes it is so hard to get up in the morning and just deal with what this country is going through. So many questions about why things are going on – bombings in Austin which was heartbreaking! And so many other things going on in this country and the leader of our country whom I stand by is a flipping man-child to put it very nicely!!! It’s ridiculous of all the chaos that is going on just in the White House here!! There are new things coming out daily about the man-child that is supposed to be on our side! Supposed to be protecting the US! Sometimes that doesn’t seem that is in his best interest!! It just came out that he “congratulated” Putin on a phone call that he had with him when it clearly said “DO NOT CONGRATULATE” so I’m wondering along with others I’m sure just how committed is that idiot to our country?? Does Putin have something on that idiot to where he wants to kiss up? Because in my opinion, n