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Blog Dare - Feb. Day 4 I wish _ would happen

Blog Dare - Feb. Day 4 - I wish _ would happen.  I wish for a lot of things but the first of the things that comes to mind is I wish that my kids would always be happy and remember the great time that we all shared. I wish that good would happen more then it does. I know that there are good people out there that help and care and all that but sometimes it just seems as if there is nothing but drama and stupid crap out there and people that don't care and are just mean and evil and don't want anything nice or good to come into this world.   On another note, I wish that people that treated others badly would get what they deserve and stop getting off when they are guilty!   I wish that people would get along and stop causing others so much stress and BS when there doesn't have to be that stuff going on!

Blog Dare - Feb. Day 3 - And that's when I got caught

Blog Dare - Feb. Day 3 - That's when I got caught....Hmm well this is an interesting one to think about for a minute...lets see...I don't really have an exciting one to tell about this one..I think its one of the times that I have shut my door and was working but decided to take off early and instead of opening the door and letting the family know I'm off early I decided to chit chat with one of my best friends and got caught from being too loud laughing at what she was saying! Nothing to exciting..just wanted a hour or two to myself instead of pouring myself into my work I took off early..haven't done that too many times..

Blog Dare - Feb. Day 2 - I admit, I enjoy...

Blog Dare - Feb. Day 2 - I admit, I enjoy...   I enjoy pigging out on chocolate anything by myself! I always share but sometimes I will get into one of my chocolate stashes and just relax and eat chocolate! Like I am right now!! LOL>..I am relaxing eating some nice chocolate hugs...yum!   I also enjoy getting on cafemom and going through a ton of groups that I am in and requesting tags/siggies out the ying yang and then picking them up and using them everywhere is a great thing that I enjoy.   I also enjoy taking a ton of pictures!! I absolutely can't live without taking a ton of pics!

Blog Dare - Feb. Day 1 - The most underused item in the house

Blog Dare - Feb. Day 1 - The most underused item in my house...Hmm not too sure what this would be right now...Its probably our TV's. We haven't been using them hardly at all. Sat down for a little while to watch something earlier while eating but yea its probably the TV's .. .we are getting moved into our new house and love it and still trying to get organized and don't have a lot of time to sit and relax yet.

Blog Dare - Day 31 - A few ways I can help someone else this year

Blog Dare - Day thirty one - A few ways I can help someone else this year...   I will help others this year by being there for them and having a listening ear when they want and need one. I have helped a few friends so far this year by just being there for them. I love my friends and would do anything for them. I have a ton of best friends and they each are very special to me and if there is anything I can ever do for any one of them I would do it. If I had more money I would help financially but for now I don't have a lot of extra but when I get extra I would love to help others.   I am helping one of my best friends by paying there way to Vegas to hang out and relax with me for five days and four nights! Can't wait!!!!!

Patience raising 4 teens!!

Taking care or well now raising 4 teenagers is a job but it just requires patience and more patience! I have had so many adventures with the kids. I appreciate each of the adventures that I have had with each of my teens. I know that now that my second son/teen is in high school, its his Freshman year..yep I know that even more adventures are around the corner!! He's already been to dances and things like that and has his own "drama" with his friends and such but I know that next year will be the real challenge...that's the year that my only daughter will be a Freshman!! And my youngest will be starting middle school 7th grade!! Where does the time go?? And each of them will be getting there own net books just like my middle son Chris got this year.   So many challenges comes with being a mom of 4 teens but I wouldn't change a thing!! They are my life, my world, my heart and my soul and if it wasn't for them I wouldn't be the person that

Blog Dare - Day 30 - What I want for my birthday

Blog Dare - Day 30 - What I want for my birthday...   Well this year what I want and what I am getting is coming true!! I wanted to get away and not just away for the weekend for a short trip..I wanted and need to get away to relax..its been a stressful year just this short time that this year has been here so far.   So this year I am going to Vegas with my best friends and will be there for my birthday and it will be again one of the greatest birthday's that I can remember.   We will be going to see all kinds of shows and going on rides and just doing all sorts of things and will have a fantastic time! Can't wait!   My birthday is March 19th and my trip is March 18th-22nd.

In a very bloggy mood!!

So yes I am in a very bloggy mood so I am going to get caught up on all of my blog dares and blog some more through out the evening until and after my parents come and when the bed gets here and put together I will take pics of it!!   I can't wait to buy the camera from one of my best friends..her's is flipping awesome! You just hold the button down and it does the continuous pics like I like..I did it last weekend when they were here and I absolutely love it!! It has a lot to go with it the lens and the battery and the bag and all that good stuff but I don't mind I love it still and want it badly! So hopefully in a couple of weeks (weekend after Super Bowl) she will come back down and I will give her the money for it..hopefully!!

Confessions - week of Jan 23rd

So I saw this on one of the other blogs that I started following and thought that it sounded cool to do so I am going to try to do this every week too.   Confessions for the week...   Ok so last Sunday well I had a bad day full of nausea! Could not keep from going back and forth to the bathroom all day long! I had friends down that weekend and we had a blast..until Saturday night when they knew there limits and me being that I hadn't ever done the "shots" before didn't know my limit!! Big mistake! So I drank a little more then I should of and was sick later on that night and Sunday. I didn't have a headache though..weird as it seems but I didn't..I think that it had something to do with the water that I was drinking through out the day/night...   I wish that I wouldn't of been so sick that day...I know that they didn't have that much fun sitting around here and watching me jump up and go to the bathroom every 10 minutes!   So the rest of

Blog Dare - Day 29 - I'm afraid of...

Blog Dare - Day 29 - I'm afraid of... I am afraid of just a few things in my life...One of the things that I am afraid of is losing my kids. Whether it be because I leave this earth before them and lose them that way or they leave this earth before me and I lose them that way I think that is the top main thing that I am afraid of. I am afraid of losing my best friends..any one of them, they are each and every one of them very special to me and I can't imagine my life without any one of them...Sometimes I am afraid of my marriage and what it has in store for me. Years ago I was afraid of my husband but I have grown since then and have stood up for myself and my kids and I am not afraid in that way anymore.

Behind on blog dare darn it!!

I have gotten a tad behind..uh huh more like 10 days or so behind on the blog dare since I have been moving haven't had the chance to get on and relax and blog like I have wanted to.  So I am hoping to get that caught up this evening while waiting on my parents to come here with the bunk bed that we bought and a few other things that we need and they wanted to give us that they don't need anymore and the way that they see it is that they are losing stuff out of there garage so they can actually use the garage for things and giving it to us .. But at least we are getting things that we can use and need and we have room for things in this house.. Have nothing in here compared to where we moved from! Upgrading from a tiny 3 bedroom to a 5 bedroom! So I have to go get everything...well it seems like everything..I want want want for this house and I am determined to have this house for a very very very long time and not move again. This house is big enough for the kids to go to

Incredimail - Gold upgrading!

I am a huge fan of Incredimail...if you haven't try it you really should. I love it! Its an email program and I am just in love with it! I have the gold and I upgraded it before..not that much like $20 for the gold or so and $25 for the lifetime thing I think..wasn't too too much that's for sure. But since I have had my computer (desktop) die on me since then I don't know the codes and all that to put in I have decided to just go ahead and get it yet again since the gold only last a year I believe and just do it when I get my taxes..I hate the ads on the bottom of my emails, that is just icky looking! Try Incredimail if you love the stationary in emails and like to have fun with your emails try them :) Its free you don't have to get the "gold"