Behind on blog dare darn it!!

I have gotten a tad behind..uh huh more like 10 days or so behind on the blog dare since I have been moving haven't had the chance to get on and relax and blog like I have wanted to.  So I am hoping to get that caught up this evening while waiting on my parents to come here with the bunk bed that we bought and a few other things that we need and they wanted to give us that they don't need anymore and the way that they see it is that they are losing stuff out of there garage so they can actually use the garage for things and giving it to us .. But at least we are getting things that we can use and need and we have room for things in this house.. Have nothing in here compared to where we moved from! Upgrading from a tiny 3 bedroom to a 5 bedroom! So I have to go get everything...well it seems like everything..I want want want for this house and I am determined to have this house for a very very very long time and not move again. This house is big enough for the kids to go to college and stay here and then some. Each of there rooms are huge! I think that there rooms are bigger then my room! I don't mind..There rooms are together sorta and then mine is across the other side of the hall which is good for my work when I'm on the phone...I can't wait to get set up and going again with my work!


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