Blog Dare - Feb. Day 4 I wish _ would happen

Blog Dare - Feb. Day 4 - I wish _ would happen.  I wish for a lot of things but the first of the things that comes to mind is I wish that my kids would always be happy and remember the great time that we all shared.

I wish that good would happen more then it does. I know that there are good people out there that help and care and all that but sometimes it just seems as if there is nothing but drama and stupid crap out there and people that don't care and are just mean and evil and don't want anything nice or good to come into this world.
On another note, I wish that people that treated others badly would get what they deserve and stop getting off when they are guilty!
I wish that people would get along and stop causing others so much stress and BS when there doesn't have to be that stuff going on!


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