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The Weekend

Saturday, January 05, 2008 The Weekend Category: Life Good evening. Just wanted to stop by and say good evening. I have a horrible horrible headache and so I am probably goign to go lay down here in a few. Me and Jesse were looking for some games to play that we haven't played yet, but being as I am picky and only like certain kind like the Diner Dash games or the Fashion games and things like that and mystery games where you walk around and look at clues, not the ones that are hide and seek and search for a long time trying to find something. Those hurt my eyes to bad. Anyway, so did you all hear about Britney? I think that shes finally done it and hit rock bottom andthey have her in a hospi

Good Friday evening

Friday, January 04, 2008 Good Friday evening Category: Life Hi everyone. Hope that you all are having a great night. Its Friday!! YAY! So today was alright. OMG it got up to 61 outside! Crazy for this time of the year but of course the kids enjoyed it going outside for a little while and I liked it feeling nice and cool out and actually not freaking freezing.I hate the cold! So no big plans for us for the wekeend. Me and the kids played a few new games today. A couple of good ones was eval and trial games so I can't wait til they come out so that we can get them maybe. I have a free 3 month trial on Real Arcade so I have 3 games that I can choose taht are free if they come out with soem that

My Work At Home Site

Hi everyone. I just wanted to share a site with you that I have and am upgrading, you might want to stop by and see some things that can help you make a few extra dollars at home. I started a forum there today, so if you have a business, or something related to working at home, feel free to come by and put your two cents in the forum. Share the ways that you make money at home, where you advertise, what advertising method works for you etc and put up those referral links. I just started it today, so its bare right now and needs to get some posters in come on, join in and post your ad, business, etc. Thanks and have a great day My work at home site When you look at the page, on the left hand side, click on the one that says Forum and there ya go...happy posting.

Third day of the new year

Thursday, January 03, 2008 Third day of the new year Category: Life Hi everyone. I hope that you all are having a great day/evening. I am having an alright day. Nothing big going on here, so far! I can't wait to watch the things about the caucus on CNN tonight. I want to see whose in and whose out. Should be interesting. I haven't watched it all day, not sure if they are doing it now, but I know that they will be tonight at 7 or 8. So I have this game called Sacred and I have been playing it some today. I love it. Didn't realize that it was an online multiplayer game to. Guess I just never paid attentino and I like playing it offline. Anyway, I tried it but not to many were on and the


Wednesday, January 02, 2008 Politics Category: Life Good evening again everyone. Well I watched a little bit on Cnn tonight about the Iowa Caucus that will be going on tomorrow. They mentioned the top 3 of the Democrats: Obama,Clinton and Edwards hmm out of the 3, I would choose Edwards. I didn't realize the steps that are involved in the caucus and I learned about it tonight so that was interesting to me. The democrats have to get at 15% to be in the running and if they don't, they are out of it. So the people that voted for the ones that are less then the 15% then have to pick one of the other candidates. Hmm, interesting, didn't know that. Anyway, so they said that it was a toss up or

My thoughts for today

My thoughts for today Category: Life Good evening everyone. How are you all doing tonight? I am doing alright. Just thoguht that while I was thinking of it, I would get on here and blog for today. I have been busy busy trying to get my websites set up and updated. I have one that just needed updated so I thought that I would get that done tonight. Been working on it for awhile and still have tons to do on it. I heard from my step daughter, shes doing good.She has been busy but at least I know taht shes ok. I know, I just worry. Leon actually wrote her the other day and just said that he sent her his love..whats up with that? Is he realizing that hes getting older and shes growing up more and more and fixing to be 20 in March!! I hope that this year is a good one for her. I hope that shes figured out what she wants to do with her life and does it. In other

New Years Day evening

Good evening everyone. I hope that you all have had a great first day of the year. Mine was ok. I need to make up some New Years Resolutions and stick to them. I have done my first one, which was to click on the free give banners, its where you click on the banners and give food, and books and so forth. There is a cool site called where you can sign petitions and make your own petition and things. I like the site. I found it last night from a lady on cafemom that left a comment and told me about it, so thank you to her. I figure that I can't give financially, so I might as well take 2 minutes out of my day each day and click on each of the banners and give to those that are need. The least that I can do. So does anyone out there have there own resolutions that your going to try to stick to this new year?? I don't have to many, but I need to think of a few more and make a list of 10 and put them on here. I went to, which is Rosie O

The 1st day of the New Year

So today is the first day of the year. woke up a little late, around 9:30 or so. It was nice to sleep in a little. Woke up to clouds but now the sun is shining bright and nicely. Should be a pretty nice day. I am busting my butt trying to get some more income coming into the house and I honestly just DONT understand why hes a freaking man and yet he comes up with one excuse after the other about how he can't get out and help look for a job. Ok so I haven't gotten out in the world and looked for a job, BUT I make money on the net, blogging and doing the surveys and offers and so forth and it was doing alright. But now b/c of life and things we are $300 behind on things and HAVE to come up with that much at the latest by the thats STRESS on me and so I have told Leon to get off of his duff and the least he can do is help out and try to go look for a job but him and his damn excuses. And the thing is that we didn't do the getting behind by spending on thin

Last 5 minutes of 2007

I got to go in the other room and watch the ball drop, almost freaking missed it though. Got in there when they had about 30 seconds or less left! It was nearly to the bottom...Yay 2007 is nearly over...please let 2008 be better...PLEASE!

Click and give to a good cause

Just click: All donations go to The Nature Conservancy's Land Conservation programs. Welcome to's Race for the Primates, where every click generates a donation to The Jane Goodall Institute's chimpanzee conservation programs. The Jane Goodall Institute is a non-profit that helps protect the environment and chimpanzees with 8 different programs, from Roots and Shoots aimed at childhood environmental education, to chimp sanctuaries in Uganda, Congo, Tanzania, and Kenya. Please click every day to help save our primates before it's too late. Just click: You can only click once per day so be sure to tell all your friends! Welcome to's Race for Pets, where every click generates a donation to help The Humane Society of the United States provide spay and neuter services, vaccinations, and check-ups for pets in need. Please click every day to help the

Happy New Year to everyone!!!

Good evening everyone. I hope that you all are having a safe and wonderful New Year. Its not the New Year here quite yet. We still have a little over an hour...Fixing to go watch the ball drop though, its a yearly thing here at our house. We stay home, goof off and watch the ball drop. At least were safe and sound, I hope everyone is safe and sound and watch what you all drink and don't drive. I wish that you all have a great new year in 2008. Make lots of money and have your dreams come true. I am hoping that I can make us some good money in the upcoming New Year. There is going to be alot of challenges and things ahead for all of us in 2008, I can feel it, one of them being the Presidential election. They are sooo close and yet so far!! There are so many of them running in both parties I swear that I forget half of them and have to be reminded of the rest! I still don't know who I want in office.....anyway we will see, only time will tell. Have a great

Top 10 Crime Stories of 2007

Top 10 Crime Stories from Category: News and Politics 1. Massacre at Virginia Tech On Apr. 16, Cho Seung-Hui, a troubled Virginia Tech senior, killed 32 people before taking his own life in the deadliest school shooting in U.S. history. The episode brought many unsettling issues to the fore, including loopholes that let the mentally ill buy guns, privacy laws that restrict school counselors' ability to tell others about a distressed student and the difficulty universities have in alerting entire campuses to imminent danger. The role of the media was also scrutinized after NBC aired photos and video that Cho had mailed to the network in between killing two people in a dorm and shooting many more in classrooms. 2. The Jena 6 The incident, which drew attention to what many Americans consider a double-tiered justice system, started after nooses hung

Top Stories of 2007

Wow today is freaking just flying by!! I just blogged like 2 hours ago when we had 6 hours to go until the new year and now its already after 8!! So we have less then 4 hours to go here in the Central time zone. I found some news stories on the site so I am going to share them and then later on I might write my own most remembered stories of the year. Well crap I might not be able to list them b/c the darn thing won't let me copy/paste them..they are short little paragraphs, so I might just write it stupid.... Ok I couldn't copy/paste so I sat here and typed it all up in the wordpad so here are the top stories of the year. I apologize lol for all the mispells Im sure there is, kids comign in and out and hubby interrupting so I lost track and I am sure there are mistakes but there are the stories. Im making my comments at the end of them in another color. Jan 2007- In the old days, US presidential campaigning began about a year before the election. But

Some cool ways to earn extra cash

Good evening everyone. I just wanted to share a few more ways to earn extra cash from home. The Fusion Cash (banner above) is a really good one. I just signed up and already made $7 and they have a low payout of $25 which can be made really fast and they pay with check or paypal and payments are sent out fast. I am trying to get some of my favorite banners and things together and put them in one post again. I have been doing several of the surveys and I need to get those banners and links if they have them, up on a blog soon. If your looking for ways to make money at home but just haven't come up with a way yet besides with places that charge you for the information or job, check out some of the banners here on my page. I work from home and make my income to cover my rent and bills from working the programs/banners that I have listed on here. So I can vouch that they really do pay. Now some of them I just started, but most I have been doing for some time now. The one where I

6 hours til the new year

Monday, December 31, 2007 6 hours til the new year Category: Life Good evening everyone. I hope that you all are having a wonderful day. Mine started off a bit hectic this morning. Leon went to go draw out money and I had handed him the wrong card...DUH! So Jared came back and said wrong card and I looked and looked for the other one and it was NOWHERE to be seen!!! So for about an hour I went off and had a fit tearing my desk area apart looking for it and taking things out of my purse and going thru them a million times. Leon came over here beside the desk and stepped on the switch and turned off the pc trying to look behind the desk and knocked off a notebook on the floor and soon after he left hte ro

Lap-Band Los Angeles

Good evening everyone. I came across a site tonight that some of you might be interested in. Some of you, like me, probably aren't at the weight that you want or need to be at. Some of us have tried the diets, the eating right and exercise and even after all that jazz, the weight is still there. There are procedures and options that are out there, you just have to look and do your research. There is an option out there that is a surgery. It could be for you or it might not be. Check out the very informational site on it to see if its for you. You can check it out here at lap-band los angeles There is a few steps that you need to take to see if this might be fore you. The site tells you the steps so that you can see if its for you.

Last Sunday of 2007

So the year of 2007 is nearly over, said and done with it and will be just a memory. THANK GOODNESS!! Our year was alright but the end of it just plain SUCKED to say the least. Does anyone have any special plans to ring in the new year? We don't, we never do. We stay home, kids usually go to bed or sometimes stay up wtih me and we watch the ball drop since its an hour before its actually the new year. I am looking forward to the new year, but I am hoping that its not going to start out like I think it will. Were having some issues right now and if things go the way that I talked to a lady and she said that they would...OH LORD! I am just not in the mood to be starting off the new year badly. I just want tax time to get here so that I can file online and get it back asap and then get a vehicle and then start looking for a place to move to and get it and move and get out of here. I know that nearly anywhere that you move to these days in this day and age which is ho