My thoughts for today

My thoughts for today
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Good evening everyone. How are you all doing tonight? I am doing alright. Just thoguht that while I was thinking of it, I would get on here and blog for today. I have been busy busy trying to get my websites set up and updated. I have one that just needed updated so I thought that I would get that done tonight. Been working on it for awhile and still have tons to do on it.
I heard from my step daughter, shes doing good.She has been busy but at least I know taht shes ok. I know, I just worry. Leon actually wrote her the other day and just said that he sent her his love..whats up with that? Is he realizing that hes getting older and shes growing up more and more and fixing to be 20 in March!! I hope that this year is a good one for her. I hope that shes figured out what she wants to do with her life and does it.
In other things, my mind is just busy busy trying not to let things get to me and stress me out...yea good luck with that one! HA! I am looking for houses to rent where I want to move to in TX and so far there are a few available everytime I look in the paper online there is a couple or so new, thank goodness so I am thinking that I will be able to find one in the area that I want to move to..good! I am hoping that the stupid IRS will let us file SOON but I heard on the news that they are upgrading systems and not until Feb will I be able to file, which means I won't be able to get the refund until mid Feb. I got it last year at the end of Jan and that is what I was hoping for this year, but not now by the sounds of it. Stinking IRS! I need to get on here and do a search and go the e-file site that I use and make sure that I still can't file until Feb. I wish that they would get done with the upgrading fast..but we know that when it comes to the goverment giving money they tend to take FOREVER or as long as they possibly can.
So what does everyone think about the elections this year???? I don't know what to think really. I have opinions on different ones of them but honestly not sure if I am on the D or R many people running on each side. I wander whose going to be in the top running?? Hmm, it will be interesting thats for sure. They each I think have there own cons and pros. So who knows.
Nothing else much going on. I downloaded a couple of games, one of them didn't work and the other one worked but it woudln't show me where the darn mouse was so that wasn't easy to try to play it with no mouse!
I just read on, thanks to Jared coming in here and wanting the pc b/c hes stuck on a game and wants to get some hints, anyway that tonight is the night before the Iowa Cacuses (can't spell!) anyway and I wanted to watch and see what they each have to say and then I will be back in here to of course share my opinions.
So thats what is going on tonight. I will come back here in a little while and blog lots more. I have to stay up tonight and get my sites done so I will be on for a LONG time and maybe until after midnite. I was getting it done pretty quick, but I have to go and check each link that I listed and each banner and make sure things work and then go and place my ads and things and it takes time to get the word out there about things.
Ok so anyway, I am off to go watch CNN. Hope that you all have a great and safe evening. Hugs


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