Third day of the new year

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Third day of the new year
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Hi everyone. I hope that you all are having a great day/evening. I am having an alright day. Nothing big going on here, so far! I can't wait to watch the things about the caucus on CNN tonight. I want to see whose in and whose out. Should be interesting. I haven't watched it all day, not sure if they are doing it now, but I know that they will be tonight at 7 or 8.
So I have this game called Sacred and I have been playing it some today. I love it. Didn't realize that it was an online multiplayer game to. Guess I just never paid attentino and I like playing it offline. Anyway, I tried it but not to many were on and the ones that was, was from ohter countries like someone said Im French! So yea ok I will continue playing by myself offline.
I need to get to working on my website updating it yet some more. One of my new years resolutions, is for me to click on the once a day on each of the 10 of them and then go and click on the other 6 or so once each day and do some good and help others. I click on the pages at and then the others are banners that I have on my cafemom page and on my blogspot page. And I am in the process of putting them also on my other web page. So I feel good about clicking them each once a day and giving in the only way that I can, since I am not made out of money.
Lets see, what else? I think that tonight is the night that the Celebrity Apprentice comes on but I am not going to watch it,I don't really think that there is anyone on there that I just have to watch and see how they do. And ever since the Donald and Rosie thing, Donald can kiss it! I couldn't really stand him before and ever since he put down Rosie, I don't like him even more. She does good for others, what the hell does he do? Try to make more and more money and I don't ever hear about him giving his money to charities of any kind! At least Rosie shares her money. WHAT A JERK HE IS! Just my opinion.
I have plans to work on the websites tomorrow and all thru the weeknd and get it perfected and add more things on all of them probably, at least thats my plan. I have to get out tomorrow and take the bus to Dollar Tree and Walmart and get a few necessities like some food and a few other things.
So today is ithe third day of the year, so far so good on my only so far resolution, of course another resolution is to blog at least once a day...sad I know but it helps me get things off of my mind and think somewhat straighter.
I need to get caught up on my emails..I am SO far behind! I have alot of them taht I haven't even looked at. I guess I might dot that Late toight after the caucus and after I blog yet again about the outcome of it and my opinion of it!
I hope really really hope that Obama doensn't get in the top. I would prefer Hillary over him. I like Edwards but if I had to pick the two, her over him. I just don't like the way that he can't respect the country with the song and put his hand over his heart...completely disrespectful in my mind and eyes. Hillary on the other hand, yea she has her faults to, like fraud and things so thats not good but hell at least she freaking respects the country in front of others and shows a professional acting ... if that made since..hes a jerk.
The other side, hmm Huckabee I think I like him and wish him the very very best in it b/c I think that hes a good man. He did the commercial on the Merry Christmas and then everyone put him down and talked bad which sucked, I thought that was good of him to put things behind him and just say Merry Christmas ... GOOD GRIEF! The media will freaking tear you apart when given the chance.
Guess thats about it for now. I hope that you all stay safe and warm..hugs

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