Happy New Year to everyone!!!

Good evening everyone. I hope that you all are having a safe and wonderful New Year. Its not the New Year here quite yet. We still have a little over an hour...Fixing to go watch the ball drop though, its a yearly thing here at our house. We stay home, goof off and watch the ball drop. At least were safe and sound, I hope everyone is safe and sound and watch what you all drink and don't drive.
I wish that you all have a great new year in 2008. Make lots of money and have your dreams come true. I am hoping that I can make us some good money in the upcoming New Year. There is going to be alot of challenges and things ahead for all of us in 2008, I can feel it, one of them being the Presidential election. They are sooo close and yet so far!! There are so many of them running in both parties I swear that I forget half of them and have to be reminded of the rest! I still don't know who I want in office.....anyway we will see, only time will tell.
Have a great night...and week of 2008!


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