6 hours til the new year

Monday, December 31, 2007

6 hours til the new year
Category: Life

Good evening everyone. I hope that you all are having a wonderful day. Mine started off a bit hectic this morning. Leon went to go draw out money and I had handed him the wrong card...DUH! So Jared came back and said wrong card and I looked and looked for the other one and it was NOWHERE to be seen!!! So for about an hour I went off and had a fit tearing my desk area apart looking for it and taking things out of my purse and going thru them a million times. Leon came over here beside the desk and stepped on the switch and turned off the pc trying to look behind the desk and knocked off a notebook on the floor and soon after he left hte room I looked down and it was laying on the floor! My cats were jumping all over the place this morning so I am going to blame it completely on them for knocking things off of my desk!! Bad Kitties!! He got the card and I screamed out of frustration and he left and got the money out. Came home and we ordered pizzas. We will be really short on money and food this month, they screwed us at the first of the new year...DONT FIGURE!
So anyway that was my morning. Now its about 6 hours til the new year. I have been busy online all day or most of the day trying to get some work to do on the net and some of the things I was doing isn't panning out b/c they haven't gotten back in touch with me and probably won't til Wednesday is my guess b/c of the holidays.
Im not doing anything special for the new year celebration, just staying home, the norm for us. Watching the ball drop probably and looking for other jobs and promoting my things and possibly redoing one of my sites and making it like my blogspot one.
So have a very happy and safe New Year everyone...hugs


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