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Last Saturday in 2007

So today is Saturday the 29th of December 2007. Where in the world has this year gone?? It has completely flown by if you ask me. Well, I don't mind really that it has flown by really to much. This has been a little tough of a year. It started out pretty good but then by the end of the year its just starting to come tumbling down all around it seems like. I woke up this morning to Leon saying oh crap! And Im like great now what! Come to find out the last burner on the stove went out! So we now have NO burners on top of the stove. The oven isn't working either, it quit a few days before Christmas!! It will go on preheat and get a little warm like to warm taco shells but not cook food I don't think or else it will take 3 times as long because we had put chicken in it the other day and it took like half the day it seemed like to barbque chicken! So now we need a new stove just wonderful. We are cooking in the toaster oven and we don't have a microwave anymore, it q

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Hubby acting weird

Friday, December 28, 2007 Hubby acting wierd! Category: Life Hmm, so I am wandering if my hubby has lost his mind!! He came in here earlier and said something about have you heard from my daughter and Im not thinking Belinda, Im thinking Jessica first just out of habit I guess, and I said what and he said Belinda and I said oh, no I haven't heard from her in a few days why? And he said can I borrow the pc for a few so I said ok and went in the other room and got a drink and was looking for a snack and came back in here and he got up and said thanks and im like alright. Then I noticed that he was in my myspace inbox thing. So I said what are you doing? Snooping? He said no just wrote her and Im li

Last Friday in 2007

Last Friday of 2007 Category: Life I wish that they had some newer fonts on here to where I could write like I do in my Incredimail mails. I downloaded it last night and at first it worked b/c I sent myself a test mail and then I started clicking on other emails and the darn things were blank! So I wrote to a group of email ladies that I truly love and someone told me what to do and I did it this morning and it works!! WOOHOO! I absolutely love Incredimail b/c of the graphics and backgrounds and things. So my day has been pretty good. I woke up with kittens running all over me this morning! They were in a rambuctous mood today running all over hte house jumping all over everything! I woke up b/c one of them decided to run over the side of my face the brats! What a way to wake up! Leon got up and went to the store with Jared and they got some things that

Week is almost over

Good evening everyone. I hope that you all are having a good night. My day was alright. It was freaking COLD here today! High only in the 30's if I looked at the thing right...BRR! I hate the winter time. Leon and Jared got out today, they went to the Dollar General and rode there bikes there and then got back twice as fast. Leon rode Jared's and Jared rode Chris' bike and then he stayed outside with the bikes so they wouldn't get stolen. Don't have the money to get a lock for them yet, maybe soon. The kids stayed in the house today since it was sooo cold. Sean was upset and asking if he could go out every hour of the day it seemed like...I took a little 20 second video of them riding there bikes out yesterday and put it on youtube lol it was all that my little cam would take is 20seconds, guess thats better then nothing. They had a good Christmas thanks to my mom for getting them the bikes that they wanted. Things around here are getting a ltitle better. I hope tha

Advantage Term Life

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Mid week

Good evening everyone. I just wanted to say good evening and I hope that everyone is safe and sound and getting a chance to somewhat relax after the holiday. I can't wait until the New Year. This year was one that I don't mind putting behind me for the most part. Ever since Sept or Oct things have been going down hill so I am waiting for the new year and hoping that things will go up and not down. At this moment, they are going alright so lets hope it keeps going that way.

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Closer to the New Year

Wednesday, December 26, 2007 Closer to the New Year Category: Life Good morning everyone. Today its freaking COLD outside!! Still in the 30's. I thought that a couple days ago it said that it was going to be nice out today like yesterday and a few days before that getting into the 60's or hi 50's but NOT today! Jared and Leon went out to do some errands. Leon went to pay the water bill and Jared went to spend his money that my mom gave him for his report card. I am SO proud of him! They left about an hour ago on the bus and I give them another 1-2 hours before they get back home b/c with the two of them out there at a game store OH LORD! They take an hour easily just in Hastings! And

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Christmas Day

Hi everyone. Merry Christmas. I am not much in a holiday mood today..honestly just waiting for it all to be OVER!! Got up this morning and came in here. I just heard from my mom a few minutes ago, they aren't to far from there house, which means that they got a late start as I figured. So they are still 2 hours or so from my aunt's house and they are going to go there first then around 7 or so get here. So we have the rest of the day to relax so to speak before they get here. The house is clean/picked up. We could do a little more but Im just not in the mood for any of it right now so this is the way its going to stay. The kids are watching tv in the other room, Leon is playing his game and Jared is in his room enjoying the peace and quiet of the other 3 not hollering and bothering him. Its getting to be a nice sunny probably pretty warm or in the 60's or so today like yesterday and the day before that. So here in a little while Im sure that the kids will be going outs

Project Payday

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LOL ... Christmas saying

Heres another one for the cat lovers out there like myself :) LOL...Now if that ain't the truth..thats the kind of mood Im in .. just to do it before the cats do it but this year, since the boys decided it would be funny to play with the tree poles, we couldn't put ours up b/c they decided to play sword fights with them and lose them!! BOYS! But I love the pic

Christmas Day very early morning

Good morning everyone. I am still up and going. I was waiting on my mom to call .. earlier but I guess that she forgot about us and decided to wait until tomorrow (later on today) to call us and let us know if shes coming in the morning or around noonish or more towards the evening. She BETTER call and let me know something! I just figured out how to add pics to the blogs thru the way easier then I thought. I had done it before but forgot exactly how I did it thats ME completely! I just wanted to say that I am still up and going and listening to music relaxing while everyone else is fast asleep. I hope that everyone had a great Christmas Eve and I hope that you all continue to have a wonderful Christmas Day. Mine will be or well SHOULD be fine since were just staying home and cooking the ham for the dinner etc. Have a great day...hugs

Christmas Eve evening

Hi everyone. Just wanted to say that I hope that everyone is having a great Christmas Eve. Our day was alright. It was nice outside so the kids were outside about 1/2 the day or so. I talked to my mom a few times today/tonight and she said that she got each of the kids a bike so they will be coming by sometime tomorrow either before or after going to my aunt's house for Christmas dinner. My mom lives 4 or so hours away and they only come down basically at holiday times and maybe 2-3 times during the year for whatever reasons but not that much. My aunt lives about an hour from us, with no car we don't see them that much and don't talk on the phone that much either. Were not that close. Back in the day when we all lived in the same town we would all get together at my grandma's house for Thanksgiving and for Christmas. We would go over there for Christmas Eve and open presents and then wake up Christmas morning they had stockings and later around noon eat a meal. But ever

Christmas Eve

Monday, December 24, 2007 Christmas Eve Current mood: blah Category: Life Good morning everyone. I still don't feel to good. Im just in a Blah mood today and have been for awhile now. Not sure what the problem is, just not very much in the holiday mood/spirit this year. Anyway, I hope that everyone out there has a great holiday and stays safe. I have alot on my mind and stressed to the max basically and feeling like crap just piles on top of it so that is part of the reason why I feel like bahumbug right now. I hope that everyone has a nice day and stays safe...hugs

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