Christmas Day

Hi everyone. Merry Christmas. I am not much in a holiday mood today..honestly just waiting for it all to be OVER!! Got up this morning and came in here. I just heard from my mom a few minutes ago, they aren't to far from there house, which means that they got a late start as I figured. So they are still 2 hours or so from my aunt's house and they are going to go there first then around 7 or so get here. So we have the rest of the day to relax so to speak before they get here. The house is clean/picked up. We could do a little more but Im just not in the mood for any of it right now so this is the way its going to stay.

The kids are watching tv in the other room, Leon is playing his game and Jared is in his room enjoying the peace and quiet of the other 3 not hollering and bothering him. Its getting to be a nice sunny probably pretty warm or in the 60's or so today like yesterday and the day before that. So here in a little while Im sure that the kids will be going outside and enjoying the weather while they can.

I am just going to stay in here and try to relax and listen to my music, Im in a Bon Jovi Lost Highway cd mood today so Im playing it for the second time and turning it up on a few songs. I haven't done to much else and I don't plan on it.

I have been working somewhat on one of my websites that I think is looking pretty good or well better then it did a few days ago. I am adding some banners and things to my blogger page. I am doing that google adsense on it which I put that up almost a month or so ago but since then I have joined another place called linkshare and I am putting there banners up on my site. Its where there are places like KB Toys and more where you can choose which companies and what products you want and apply to the company to be an affiliate and make a couple of dollars on each of the sales of some of the sites or some of them you get paid for people searching on the site etc. Just a few different ways to make money. A few dollars here and there add up and I am hoping that they start raking in a few dollars here pretty soon. Then this morning I put more banners towards the bottom of the page where you get paid to read emails, I put some of those banners down at the bottom. I don't want the site to be swamped with banners, but I do want to try to make that my "main" page instead of having a billion different sites all over the place. I want one site to have my blogs, my banners, my work at home things and whatever else I want to put up. And blogger is perfect for that right now.

So if your looking for ways to make extra money at home, check out my site, you might find a few ways to bring in that extra income to help you out. Not to mention you can get paid for blogging and its free to sign up for that to. Might as well check into it since its free and if you love blogging like I do its worth it!!


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