Closer to the New Year

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Closer to the New Year
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Good morning everyone. Today its freaking COLD outside!! Still in the 30's. I thought that a couple days ago it said that it was going to be nice out today like yesterday and a few days before that getting into the 60's or hi 50's but NOT today!
Jared and Leon went out to do some errands. Leon went to pay the water bill and Jared went to spend his money that my mom gave him for his report card. I am SO proud of him! They left about an hour ago on the bus and I give them another 1-2 hours before they get back home b/c with the two of them out there at a game store OH LORD! They take an hour easily just in Hastings! And they are going to that Game King place that is supposed to be good priced and have a ton more then Hastings or something. So I hope that they are having fun and enjoying thereselves. I was actually looking forward to getting out and going but I can barely talk so I am staying home and letting them get out in the crappy cold.
Last night, my stomach was in KNOTS waiting on my mom and step dad to get here. She called around 10 til 7 and said that they were about 45 mins away and that they would call again when they reached the edge of town so I said ok and that was that. Then thats when the stomach got in worse Knots and cramping and oh goodness it was horrible. Anyway, they got here about 45 mins later a few minutes after 7:30. Leon and Jared was outside walking around and all of a sudden I hear this bang bang bang on my window and its Leon hollering there here. So up I jump, forgetting to hit save or send or anything as I was sitting here blogging about it...big surprise! I go outside with teh kids and we help them carry things in and they have 4 put together already bikes in the back of there ride..they have a NICE ride!! So the kids get theres and bring it in the house in my front room so that we can see them since its dark. They brought a few other things. She actually gave me money since she didn't get me and Leon anything (SHOCKING she NEVER gives us money!!) and especially not at Christmas...last year and that shocked me enough! Anyway, during this time of them coming in the house, kids opening there presents that they brought them and Wayne checking to make sure the bikes were all together and tight etc. Leon had left and went walking around the block! HOW NICE OF HIM!!!! My mom got Jesse an outfit, looked cute, jeans and a shirt, one pair of jeans were skin tight so shes taking them back and sending us the new pair soon. Jared got 2 pairs of jeans (THANK YOU!!!!) and a couple of hoodies and shirts. Then she got the boys a shirt each to. She gave the 2 little boys $10 each and Jared $20 then he got his $100 for his report card right before they left and Jesse got $1 to put in her new sparkly pink purse...which she screamed when she saw it and loves!
So all in all the night went better then I thought it would. I got about 1/4 of a 3 layer cocunut cake out of the deal to..yummy! I enjoyed it alot last night.
They left around 8:30 or so and were on there way back home. I hope that they made it home safe and sound.
The kids are mad b/c its in the 40's out and I told them it had to be 50 or higher before I was letting them out. They don't need worse colds then what they have. Sean's in there griping and hollaring about it and telling the tv to shut up lol when it said hi 49 or something like that and its still 30 something and almost noon.
So today its cold out but an ok day other then listening to kids hollar b/c they can't go out and ride there new bikes. I wish that she would of gotten the pc instead!!! oh well..maybe NEXT year!!
Chris' bus assistant came over the other day Saturday and brought the kids mostly Chris and Jesse some clothes that her kids outgrew which I appreciate and a couple of toys and told Leon that they would bring by the bikes tomorrow meaning Sunday and then Sunday came and went and no one and then now its Wednesday and Im wandering what on earth happened to them? I hope that they are alright. I wish that I could of gave them our number so that they could of called and said we can't bring them by or something.
Mom brought the cats a scratching post..she couldn't find the kitty bed. All the cats love the scratching post. Merry Christmas to them.
Guess thats about it..hope everyone had a great Christmas ... New Years around the corner...hugs


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