Blog Dare - Politically speaking…

SoyLicious Candles

Working Class - did you watch it on CMT? nice then crappy!

Blog Dare - I can't believe she said that….

Working Class premiers tomorrow night at 7 on CMT!!!

A heck of a week!!

Blog Dare - If I were at Blissdom…. I am at Blissdom…

List of companies that hire telecommuters

Trying to decide what business to get into...

Men's Rules

Tax Refund delayed until the 4th!!!!!!

Neighbors burning leaves in backyard!! SMOKING STILL!!

Blog Dare - Reality Television

The Bachelor tonight

Blog Dare - My brush with fame…

Hinder and Saving Abel coming to town too!!!

Ronnie Milsap and Mark Chestnut coming to town too!!!

Kenny Rogers coming to town!!!

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