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Blog Dare - Politically speaking…

Do you talk about politics on your blog?  Why or why not? Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. Only when things come up that interest me and that isn't too often.

SoyLicious Candles

Good afternoon everyone, I decided to get into a candle business. The name of it is SoyLicious   For the rest of this month, you can get in for $19!! That includes 60 samples of the candles, catalogs and order forms and also the website! I think its a great deal. And if you choose to be a consultant you get a pretty good discount. If you don't want to be a consultant that's fine too, you can take a look around and shop online. They have some pretty candles and a lot of great scents. Any questions or comments, let me know.    Customer Service Specialist Home Office # 866-541-3456 Fax: 580-366-0024   Blogger   Twitter   Facebook   Cafemom Lisa Smith

Working Class - did you watch it on CMT?

I just thought I would tell you all what I thought about the show. I think that it was a great show. I think that she's just as funny as always. Its hard to start out by putting her in a different character then what I'm use to watching back on Reba but I liked it. She's a very talented lady and I think that they did a great job with her and Ed Asner! I love him!! So I wish her the very best of luck with the show and I hope that it continues on. I will be tuning into it every Friday night :) nice then crappy!

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Blog Dare - I can't believe she said that….

What was said that shocked you to your core? There is too many things that too many people have said that shock me!

Working Class premiers tomorrow night at 7 on CMT!!!

I can't wait until tomorrow night at 7. I loved her on Reba as Barbara Jean and I know that I will love her on her own show. Its about time that they let her have a show! I love her and her and Reba are a true riot together!! Love them both and then omg Lou...that is just awesome that he's in it too. Can't wait.     

A heck of a week!!

I am so glad that its freaking Friday tomorrow!!! I would of been even more excited about it but the darn delays with the freaking tax refund just really really sucked and what is worse is that several people on the turbo tax community, said that either themselves or others that they know got their money this past Tuesday!! Yea a couple of days ago!!! How in the world did they pull that off when mine is freaking delayed along with thousands of others?? What is going on? Something is messed up with that when they only deposit on Friday's and then the people get it on Tuesday! Not fair but oh well....just very very cranky!   I am going to take this crankiness and go to the casino tonight by myself since they changed the schedule for tomorrow for Leon and instead of working 12 to 6 or so they changed it so he will work from 8:30 until 3 or so. Good that means all the kids at school and him at work. Sounds like a fun and quiet day to me!   So maybe I will go out to the casino

Blog Dare - If I were at Blissdom…. I am at Blissdom…

Tell us about what's going on at Blissdom!  If you're not there, why couldn't you go or what conferences will you be attending this year? I would love to go to a blog conference...we will see.

List of companies that hire telecommuters

I have been a stay at home mom and work at home mom for about 10 years or so. I was in a forum and found this and thought I would share it. I can vouch for I worked for them for nearly a year even though it was "seasonal" List of companies that hire telecommuters

Trying to decide what business to get into...

There are So many choices out there. But I have made up my mind that I am going to take on probably 2 businesses plus what I am doing right now. I need the extra income, I need to be able to know for sure that I can keep making a stable income in case something were to happen to my job for whatever reason, I want a back up plan...or two!!   I was even thinking about pursuing my real estate experience and taking that to the next level. I am determined that this is going to be a life changing year for me, in more ways then one.   So I am looking into a few different things. I don't want to pay a ton out of pocket. I don't mind paying a little but not a lot. I am not to keen on the idea of paying a monthly thing BUT if its on products that were using anyway then that's ok.   Do you have any suggestions out there? Are you currently running a business from your home and actually doing good and making a good or descent income? Please share if you are. I am going to be

Men's Rules

LOL...I found this in a group and I wanted to share... Men's Rules   At last a guy has taken the time to write this all down     Finally   , the guys' side of the story.   (   I   must admit, it's pretty good.)   We always hear   "   the rules " From the female side ....   Now here are the rules from the male side.         These are our rules!   Please note.. These are all numbered "1 "   ON PURPOSE!     1.   Men are NOT mind readers.   ( FIRST & FOREMOST RULE ) 1. Learn to work the toilet seat.   You're a big girl. If it's up, put it down.   We need it up, you need it down.   You don't hear us complaining about you leaving it down.   1. Sunday sports, It's like the full moon   Or the changing of the tides.   Let it be.   1. Crying is blackmail.   1. Ask for what you want.   Let us be clear on this one:   Subtle hints do not work!   Strong hints do not work!   Obvious hints do not work!   Just say it!   1

Tax Refund delayed until the 4th!!!!!!

I new that I shouldn't of gotten my freaking hopes up!! I was so hoping for them NOT to screw up this year like they did last year but what happened? Got delayed!!!!   I looked at the site last night before bed and it still stated the 28th yet this morning when I got up it said the 4th!!!!! I went to the bank site and it said that the expected date was still the 28th but I don't know since the other site said the 4th now and I went to turbo tax and red up on the comments and a ton of others were seeing what I saw yesterday and then this morning the 4th!! So yea it sucks!!!!

Neighbors burning leaves in backyard!! SMOKING STILL!!

So right now I am so ticked off!!!! The freaking neighbors thought it would be hysterical apparently to freaking burn all of their leaves in a pile on the ground in the corner of their yard and of course all of the smoke heads for my back door and gets in my house!!! So I have a smoke filled house and eyes burning!!! We looked out there a few minutes ago and no one is out there in sight!!! So close to calling the fire dept and telling on them b/c I am pretty sure your not supposed to do that here in town!!! What a bunch of idiots! And not to mention that I opened up the back door and all I could see was smoke and the neighbor out there saying hi how are you? I could see him faintly through the smoke!!!!!! Ugh that just pisses me off!!!

Blog Dare - Reality Television

Tell us why you love or hate reality television.  What is your favorite or most hated program?  Would you ever or have you ever tried to be on a reality television show? I love reality tv...I think that my favorite is Bret's show and Mario's show...loving both of them. Most hated..hmm not too sure. No I haven't ever tried to be a reality show and No I don't think that I would ever try. Oh and I like Wife Swap because those shows are just great to watch how others live.

The Bachelor tonight

So I don't know what in the world that Brad was thinking! Actually I really don't think that he was freaking thinking at all!!! Good grief! I am very very very disappointed in the fact that he had so many beautiful women there and he chose the most vindictive crazy mean psycho one there to go on a date wasn't that great though. I think that the carnival beat out hers and I think that the other dates also beat out the one that he went on with Michelle and not to mention that the other girls lol so nicely pointed out that the card that he wrote for his and Michelle's date, said "Lets Hang out together" or something like that and the rest of them had said something about love on it! Hahhaha I really don't like her. And then she wakes up with the freaking black eye and then says if he doesn't choose her that he might just have to give him a black eye?! Yea like that sounds like something a man wants to hear come out of a woman's mouth?!

Blog Dare - My brush with fame…

Who is the most famous person you've ever met, or at least in your mind?  Did you get to talk with them? On my 30th Birthday, me and one of my best friends went to a Bon Jovi concert. They are both mine and his favorite band of all time. When we were out front waiting for the doors to open, a lady was walking around asking people if they wanted "bracelets" well at the time we didn't have a clue what she was talking about and also at the time my best friend had a sprained ankle and he was on crutches. He's a doll...he drove me to the concert with a sprained ankle! Anyway so the lady came up to us and asked if we wanted the bracelets and he said no because he didn't want to take a chance on missing the opening act which was the Goo-Goo Dolls so we said no and then went inside a few minutes later and found our seats up high...Come to find out later on...the "bracelets" were given to a "select few" people that got to SIT ON STAGE WITH BON JO

Hinder and Saving Abel coming to town too!!!

Good grief and then there is the rock side of me that says oh heck ya!! Both Hinder and Saving Abel are coming to town too!! The thing about it is, is that we don't live in a big huge city. Were about 2 hours from Dallas and 3 hours from OK city so were just a smaller town less then 30,000 or so and so that is why I am so excited about seeing these guys because where we use to live in southwest Oklahoma, no one ever came too town there. Well ok I take it back, The Barbra Mandrell sisters did and I was there to see them with my grandparents and then I believe Charlie Pride was there too and I saw him, I know that I saw him at Six Flags but I think that he might of went to town there too.   Anyway I don't like blowing money on things like this...but since we have moved here so many good groups and individuals have come to town and I went to see Bret but I told myself that its once in a lifetime thing and if anyone else that I loved came I would try to go so I am going to

Ronnie Milsap and Mark Chestnut coming to town too!!!

I have listened to Ronnie Milsap since I was a young girl too. I haven't listened to him in awhile but I still love him and Mark is pretty good too. They are coming to town too and I am thinking about tickets for them too!! Geez there are alot of good tours this year!

Kenny Rogers coming to town!!!

I remember as a little girl at my grandmother's house listening to good ole country music and Kenny Rogers was one of my faves. I just found out that he's coming to town at the end of March!! I am thinking about getting tickets, if I do I want the good ones, the upfront not way in the back ones even if they cost $60 each I think that it would be worth it since its a once in a lifetime chance to see him..well so I think :) I can't wait..will probably go up there to the box office and try to get good tickets more thing to add on my long list of things to do this Friday. I think that if I would of went up there to the box office instead of ordering my Bret tickets that I would of gotten better seats but oh and learn!

Blog Dare - The most interesting email I've ever received…

What was the most interesting email you have ever received?  And if it was from someone in a foreign country about 5 million you just inherited… we probably need to talk! Yea I have gotten a few of those emails telling me that I inherited millions of dollars and all that crap...a few emails telling that is just insane. And definitely from another country.