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Blog Dare - Day 31 - The scariest fashion comeback..

That's an easy one for me...Bell Bottoms!! That is the first thing that came to mind and I am sticking with it! lol...

My oldest son turns 19 today!! Happy Birthday Jared!!!

My first child/son turns 19 today, I am very proud of the young adult that he has grown up to be. Love you Jared always and forever!!!

Blog Dare - Day 30 - Funny slang we used in High School...

Hmm, well honestly I can't remember that far back!!! LMAO!!! Its only been 20 years! I think that cool and Dude was two of the ones that we used..can't remember any others....hmm, anyone else think of any from back in the late 80s to early 90s (88-92)

Blog Dare - Day 29 - Team Facebook or Team g+

There is no question in my opinion for this one...its Facebook!! I am signed up for the Google+ one but I have to admit there isn't too much to do on there that keeps my attention, I haven't been on there in awhile, but when I was there wasn't much so I don't know it could of changed by now who knows but just my thoughts facebook is alway busy busy and has games and pictures and things to share etc. Loving facebook still :)

Nice Cool morning out

I went outside with Bunnie this morning and sat out there and listened to the birds relaxing and nice out. Its in the lower 60s here..looks like its going to be a cloudy day but a nice one .. birds are chirping and its relaxing me. I am getting ready to start work, Yesterday I just got up and jumped right in on work and it was an exhausting, busy and chaotic day so today trying this way and I like it more! Have a great day everyone.

Blog Dare - Day 28 - Something I use to believe...

Blog Dare - Day 28 - Something I use to believe... I use to believe that family was special, I have come to believe that in my situation where my family is full of drama and BS, that I am keeping my friends as my family, they have been theree ofr me alwayss and will continue to be there for me. And I also know that my Friends, some of my closest ones, have and will atke up/defend me in a second and that my family won't, hasn't and never WIll be happy with me, WIth my friends they support me and as long as I am doing what I want and it makes me happy then they ARe there for me, family just love to upt me down since I was little no matter what I have done its never going to be good enough ofr them! And for me, that's fine!! I love my friends and will always be there for each of them always! I love that my Friends from back in high school are still in my life, very blessed and thankful to have made such awesome friends in my life and still have them in my

Good morning, time to get caught up!

Looking forward to getting caught up on a lot of things today. I am getting caught up on my Blog Dare and I am going to be working a lot today and hopefully will get done before evening! Have a great day everyone.

Blog Dare - Day 27 - My random and silly dislikes

Blog Dare - Day 27 - My random and silly dislikes Lets see...random and silly dislikes, people that need dr ama in there lives is one of my major dislikes. Not so many dislikes.....

Keeping busy busy busy!

I have been keeping very busy for the past few days. At the end of last week my work schedule picked up a lot!! I am now taking on 3 new clients and enjoying it! They are all part-time and we will go from there. Although, this week its been a heck of a Monday!! One of my clients said to take 40-50 hours this week to get everything done that needs to be ASAP! So I am pouring myself into that every chance I get while trying to keep the others at a good pace. At least they are all where I can do the work at my own pace and no really set hours..As long as I meet the deadlines were all good! And I absolutely love it because its all paying weekly which is a huge thing to me because of course I prefer weekly over any other pay period! So hopefully things will stay busy and I will keep getting constant work! Lets hope so!! I have plenty of things on my need and want list right now!!   Have a great rest of the week everyone.

Blog Dare - Day 26 - One year ago...

Blog Dare - Day 26 - One year ago today...I was getting ready to start training for one of my jobs. My oldest son was fixing to turn 18 in a few days. And my all around life was just in a different place then it is today. I have grown in the past year and I am happy where I am today. I have my work under control and taking on new clients and upgrading my home office a little at a time. My middle son was spending his last year in middle school..this year my daughter is spending her last year in middle school. Lots of things have changed and I am good with the changes and I believe that things happen for a reason. This time last year,I wouldn't of thought that I would be where I am now all the way around with my job/career/business and where my personal life is....

Blog Dare - Day 25 - What my children want to be when they grow up.

Blog Dare - Day 25  -  What my children want to be when they grow up. What my children want to be when they grow up. All my children are teenagers, my daughter wants to be a teacher and I know that she will go to college and become the teacher that she wants to be and will be an awesome one! My oldest son, loves video games and I am sure that he will be a great video game designer or whatever he wants to be in that field. My middle son..he is a great writer so maybe he will keep doing that and become an author and or even write movies! My youngest son, he wants to be a comedian, an actor, a model and a singer!! So yea he's all into getting out there and showing off!! I am sure that each of my children will become what they set there mind too. They are wonderful talented young men and a young woman